Eat Drink KL: Jamming With Elvis @ MyBurgerLab Seapark

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jamming With Elvis @ MyBurgerLab Seapark

Wrapping up what's become a MyBurgerLab trilogy. Earlier entries: July 11 and July 16.

Jamming With Elvis, a gone-in-sixty-seconds guilty pleasure. Beef, peanut butter, blueberry jam, caramelized onions and cheese combine for one of the sickest burgers we've had this year. MyBurgerLab served this as a two-day special this past week, but we hope it'll become a regular.

Bulging with Aussie grass-fed beef, a perfectly crisp hash brown and mustard-like curry paste, the Curry Crunch is a fresh, flavor-rich entry on the menu. It'd be a brilliant brunch burger, if MyBurgerLab ever opens in the morning.

The Shroom Shroom Shroom should satisfy mushroom maniacs _ a threesome of portobello, shiitake and enoki, caressed by sensually creamy Swiss cheese.

Customize a burger! We call this the Big Beautiful Mess. Take a Beautiful Mess Version 3.0 _ beef, fried portobello, egg and mozzarella _ then pile on a chicken patty, cheddar and Swiss cheeses for an Olympian-sized Goliath that earns a gold medal for juiciness.

"The only thing we have to fear ... is fear itself" - FDR.

If/when MyBurgerLab expands, let's cross our fingers that the next branch will feature milkshakes and/or booze. But for now, nightcap-thirsty customers must find their way to, say, The Bee at Publika, always buzzing in the evening.

There regularly seem to be new cocktails and alcoholic milkshake flavors here, such as this terrific Two Men Tent Espresso Martini (vodka, kahlua, espresso) and absolutely awesome Cointreau milkshake, filled with bits of orange peel for extra texture.

The Bee's Affogato, boasting white chocolate butter ice cream by The Last Polka.

Nymph of the Nile (organic white peony tea with Persian rose and Egyptian basil).

14, Jalan 21/22, Sea Park, Petaling Jaya.
Open 5pm for four to six hours, closed Mondays.