Eat Drink KL: Duck N' Such @ Hartamas

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Duck N' Such @ Hartamas

This determinedly duck-devoted eatery waddled this week into Hartamas Shopping Center, dishing out everything from duck quesadillas to shredded duck tom yam.

Duck chili con carne might sound like a what-the-duck sort of idea hatched by featherbrains, but this thick Tex-Mex stew of minced duck, kidney beans, onions, peppers, cumin and tomatoes is tasty enough to prove that the chefs here aren't quacks. The service is sincerely smiley too.

Don't duck the duck satay; it's a fun, flavorsome change from the chicken/beef/pork varieties.

Ditto for the Caesar salad with grilled duck tenderloin; it tastes, well, just ducky (or as this restaurant's promotional banners around Hartamas might proclaim, ducklicious!).

Crispy duck popiah. Prices here are fair; these three pieces cost RM10+ _ the cheapest item on the menu, while nearly everything else costs between RM12 and RM42.

Of course there's a duck burger, with a discernibly house-made patty, succulent and robust-flavored enough for carnassial cravings, gussied up with pineapple and cheese.

Folks in fowl moods will devour the duck drumstick red curry with roti jala. This is a halal outlet, so it's a sitting duck for our lamentation about its lack of liquor. But no matter; it's right across The Meat Experts, where wine flows by the bottle.

Smoked duck tagliatelle with traditional egg carbonara sauce. Hearty, rich and creamy, though some might say too hearty, too rich and way too creamy.

After all this, what's left? Well, there's still the duck, the whole duck and nothing but the duck, stripped of its bones and roasted to satisfying juiciness.

With a menu that's brilliantly thought out and beautifully executed, here's hoping this not-at-all ugly duckling won't be turning into a lame duck.

Duck N' Such Restaurant,
G-11A, Ground Floor, Hartamas Shopping Center, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-6143-2286