Eat Drink KL: The Meat Experts @ Hartamas Shopping Center

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Meat Experts @ Hartamas Shopping Center

A shopping mall haven for pork-lovers, with artery-clogging recipes galore.

Cold cut platter of culatello (the most prized variety of prosciutto, made from heavier pigs), prosciutto di parma, porchetta, napoli salami & salchichon iberico bellota. Excellent, but should have been served with melon to accompany the meat.

Warm bacon and walnut salad, with green coral, sliced parmesan cheese, sweet balsamic vinaigrette and extra virgin olive oil. If you dislike healthy salads, then choose this one _ the bacon negates the benefits of everything else.

Roast pork pasta. The roast pork was sensational, with spectacularly juicy meat and crispy skin. But the spaghetti was bland and bordered on soggy.

BBQ Pork Ribs and Roasted Chicken. The ribs were wonderfully tender and smoky, but the chicken was forgettable.

Pork sausages and smoked bacon. The sausages were dry and overcooked; the bacon was too salty for our liking.

Roast duck. The outlet owners said this was imported from Bayswater. It was OK, but tasted more like the Malaysian variant at the Four Seasons in Capsquare.

Char siew. Also supposedly flown in from London (?!?). Sweet, sticky & succulent.

Roasted pork knuckle. Not the best in town, but no real complaints.

Franziskaner. A light, smooth German wheat beer. Went well with the food.

The Meat Experts,
Hartamas Shopping Centre.


  1. I've heard about them. My colleague kept pastering me to go there with her. Guess I just might have to.

  2. qwazymonkey: yeah, apparently this company has been in the catering and delivery business since may 2009, and they decided to recently open a restaurant as well. worth trying if u feel carnivorous :D

  3. imported duck? i thought tats not allowed (so i was told by the four seasons boss)..

  4. joe: ya lor, we were very skeptical, but the manager insisted it was flown in from bayswater... i think it's just local duck though, cos it tastes like the one at capsquare...

  5. So the ribs are where it's at! I'm actually getting dizzy with the speed of new places opening up and how you're breezily covering them! It's going to take me a long long time to even think about catching up!

  6. min: yeah, it's tough trying to keep track of what's opening! next week will be hectic: at least 4 high-profile places opening between dec. 14-18 in different locations (jln sultan ismail, jln tun razak, the gardens, damansara perdana)...

  7. ooh this is new to me! I wanna make my own roast pork pasta after this!

  8. wahh...another PORK-y place!
    Whats with the sudden surge?!

    hey, great clear pics. New camera or the lighting was good?

  9. eh.. I thought that you are not really a beer person?? how come got beer one?? lol...
    Hartamas Shopping Centre... time to go!!!

  10. eiling: good luck! but the spaghetti should be easy, while roast pork can be bought, right? :D
    tng: businesses are learning the power of pork! in this case, i have to thank the good shopping mall lighting =)
    leo: u have a great memory! actually i've been learning to drink beer in the last few weeks, so you'll be seeing more reviews with beer soon. but i still prefer wine :D

  11. culatello! Neroteca also has that, exp stuff.

  12. boo: yeah! i think it was more than double the price of the parma ham...

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