Eat Drink KL: Wondermilk @ Citta

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wondermilk @ Citta

Concluding our Citta Mall trilogy, we sought sweet succor at Wondermilk after our back-to-back meals at Baci and Gourmandis fell far short of spectacular.

Hello Milo & Very Very Very Chocolate "cuppacakes." This is Wondermilk's second cafe, even more charming than its original outlet at Damansara Uptown, with a terrific service team that knows its food and keeps the smiles coming.

Cookies & Cream Dream, with Peanut Butter Jelly Wonder. Since these are smaller than the ones at Bisou, Cupcake Chic and other outlets, the RM4.50 cost per piece might seem steep at first. But they're much denser, fresh and superbly moist.

Rocky Road & Chocolate Cheese Surprise. The real surprise for first-timers might be that these taste less cloyingly sugary than many other cupcakes, though they remain filled with flavor.

"Foxy" Red Velvet & John "Lemon." Cute names for cute cupcakes.

S'mores. Not something we see on a menu often _ crackers sandwiched with warm chocolate & marshmallows. Messy but marvelous.

Mocha cookies. Not bad, but not the highlight of teatime here.

Toffee & macadamia-flavored milk beverages to end on a satisfying note, thankfully.

+Wondermilk Cafe,
Citta Mall, Ara Damansara.