Eat Drink KL: Garibaldi

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Wrapping up our Garibaldi trilogy.
For earlier entries, click: Dec. 23, 2010 & Dec. 24, 2010.

Duck ham with traditional Romagna "gnocco fritto" (fried bread). Tender slices of meat, boasting a full-bodied _ but not-too-salty _ smokiness. The bun-like accompaniments were fairly interesting, with crisp exteriors enveloping soft bread.

Osso bucco. Braised veal & bone marrow with saffron risotto. Perhaps our favorite dish at Garibaldi, with a stunning sweetness and saporous succulence that nearly defy description. The rice could use a more potent infusion of saffron, but we still adored every bite of this.

Egg tagliolini with duck ragu, duck liver, sage & pumpkin. Garibaldi's pastas have a fresh, homemade feel, which works wonderfully with the rich, luscious sauces that seem to be a cornerstone of many recipes here.

Pappardelle with braised Wagyu beef cheek. Just like the duck pasta, this one won us over with its can't-fail combo of aromatic, melt-in-the-mouth meat and wet, slippery carbs.

Prawn & rucola pizza. Might be better with a thinner, crispier crust, but still topped with enough flavorsome ingredients to keep us happy.

Pistachio & hazelnut gelati. Mild-tasting; ideal if you desire desserts with less sugar.

Tiramisu, ravishingly presented. As good as an alcohol-free version gets, with a decadent, foamy texture and indulgently sweet notes of mocha.

Dolcetto D'Alba Munfrina Pelissero.

Laura (frangelico & prosecco) and Mojito.

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