Eat Drink KL: 42 East

Monday, January 3, 2011

42 East

Exactly one year after Tom, Dick & Harry's sprang up on this street (time truly flies!), 42 East has opened to offer yet another option for pub grub in TTDI.

The highlight here: baby back pork ribs, glazed with Connor's stout. Achingly tender and addictively tasty, with crunchy soft bones that can be easily chewed. Only RM32 for a sizable half-slab _ sufficient to feed a not-too-famished caveman.

The rest of the menu is mostly run-of-the-mill, though 42 East plans to soon showcase Malaccan Portuguese specialties such as devil's curry. For now, the steaming-hot mussels in a pot are fresh and juicy enough to recommend to mollusk maniacs.

Sauteed mushrooms with asparagus & bacon. Won't win any awards; might seem watery and bland to some customers, but it is what it is.

Grilled Hungarian spicy sausages. Chunky, but way too salty for our liking.

Slow-roasted chicken. Scrawny poultry, since this is the free-range variety, but it tastes reassuringly home-cooked, in all the right ways.

Origen Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 (Chile). Wine is only available by the bottle.

Frozen Lime Margarita & Smurfie Smurfette (tequila & blue curacao).

Some sort of complimentary shooters. We were too woozy and boozy to demand details.
Service is brisk and cordial, even on a busy night with a boisterous crowd.

42East (Forty Two East),
42, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, Taman Tun Dr Ismail.


  1. Yet another porky boozey option in that area - gosh, it's really turning in babi central! :)

  2. looks like many pub grubs are mushrooming in the city as well as the TTDI area. I wonder if the crowd there is really that good cos if not, it'll be hard to survive.

  3. yup went there last week.

    the ribs were pretty good.

  4. TTDI's starting to look more like a pork grub place now. BUt this place sounds so-so only eh?

  5. I notice that you don't only love eggs, you love your pork as well!

  6. Dare I say it - will 2011 be The Year of the Pork? Or was that last year and have us babitarians become passé? (Say it ain't so!)

  7. Am bookmarking this for the baby back pork ribs!

  8. J: heheh, Babi Central, that's a cool nickname! (though it makes me wonder where Ayam Central, Itik Central and Ikan Central would be, hmmm) :D
    Eiling: so far so good, it seems, though parking has become a mess on that street after 8pm =)
    Eric: hey, maybe we were there on the same evening ... But yeah, definitely liked the ribs. Maybe I should have ordered a full slab :D
    Qwazymonkey: yeah, right now it still feels like a generic pub. hopefully once they launch their Portuguese food menu later this month, it'll be more interesting. Ooh and they need to have a pork burger too =)
    Michelle: ya, i have a penchant for unhealthy ingredients, unfortunately! If only i could find it in my heart to love salads too! :D
    Lfb: or perhaps it could be the year of some edible creature that we haven't really begun to appreciate yet. The year of the lamb? The year of the rabbit (that would be apt!). Or dare i hope, the cockle! :D
    Lemongrass: will remind you if you forget! Though yikes, i think someone will probably need to remind me to remind you! =)

  9. we were just here! post coming up as well. the Ribs and margaritas were AWESOME!

  10. ciki: ya, the margaritas are popular here! they even ran out of proper margarita glasses on the night that i was there, cos everyone seemed to be ordering it! :D

  11. I just KNEW you were gonna say that. I'd say 2010 was very much the Year of the Cockle oredi lah. Let's give it a much-deserved rest? :P

  12. lfb: but how could 2010 have been the year of the cockle when hardly any of us managed to feast on cockles! hmphh. i bet you'd rule out 2011 as the year of the grilled human flesh too :D

  13. Uhm, it was The Year of Countless Mentions of Cockles?

    Now, now, no more cockley talk. You just made your new year's resolution at my blog. Be good now. ;)

  14. Seems tht everyone concurs that the ribs are worthy ;)
    I wil b heading there once im back frm Bintulu.
    I'm pretty sure the ribs wil please aft my 3days being pork-free (since tis is a media trip). Cant wait!

  15. Lfb: such a daunting resolution to keep! But I shall persevere! It's unbecoming to give up on a resolution in the FIRST week of the year! :D
    Tng: there are three flavors of ribs (I can't remember the other two), but these connor's stout ones are supposedly the tastiest! Hope u're enjoying some exotic food on your trip though! :D