Eat Drink KL: Levain Boulangerie @ Imbi

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Levain Boulangerie @ Imbi

The trouble with our habit of eating mainly at night is that we tend to miss out on places that close early. So we had to make an extra effort in order to visit Levain Boulangerie on a recent weekend, since it only opens through 8 p.m.

Crunchy nut danish. Dozens of pastries, cookies and sandwiches are available here. They taste remarkably fresh, probably because the steady stream of customers forces the kitchen to keep churning out bread throughout the day.

Creamy walnut bun. We especially enjoyed the nut-based varieties, since generous amounts of real nuts were used to make them satisfyingly flavorful.

Caramel croissant. Sweet and sticky.

Custard donut. Fluffy bread, filled with buttery paste.

Durian melon bun. Not as pungent as some might fear.

Choco crunch. Loved the cute design, but I'm a sucker for stuff like this.

Nut tart with pumpkin cream. Desserts were OK, with several unique choices.

Mont Blanc. Basically a tart comprising pureed chestnuts & cream.

Orange juice & iced wild berry juice. No booze is served, boo hoo.

Levain Boulangerie,
Jalan Delima, Off Jalan Imbi.


  1. Ahh finally u went! ;)
    A bread whore's idea of orgasm aint it? ;p

  2. tng: ya, luckily i'm only a moderate fan of bread! but it's certainly the best bakery in the city center (better than the loaf, heheh)

  3. hehe, already plan to visit it next week~~ >.<

    have some expectation on their bread :D

  4. i thought u said u were going to run out of new places to eat?! :P
    the choc cake is too cute!! (monster!)

  5. the decor looks really appealing, definitely can picture myself going there often. Just hope the pastry is as pretty though!

  6. Lovely place. Can't imagine eating just bread, so shall have to wait for a moment of inspiration before I venture out there. Maybe take a bread addict with me to share the calories. Nut tart with pumpkin cream - looks more like pumpkin ice cream, donchit? Didju like it? Among all the pics above, I think the Mont Blanc appeals to me the most, mostly coz of the chestnut puree.

  7. lemonadelime: if u like bread, u'll probably like this place! both the quantity and quality seem very satisfactory :D
    ciki: am always running out of places ... then suddenly, more places open! :D ya, i love pastries and cakes that are shaped to look like animals, toys, etc =)
    augustdiners: yep, it's pretty popular ... apparently, it can be tough to get a table during peak lunch and tea hours!
    lemongrass: ahhh, they have salads and pastas available here too, but i think those are probably mediocre, so it's better to just focus on the bread here. i didn't quite love either dessert ... maybe they weren't as fresh as the bread, and they tasted kinda ordinary, even though they looked and sounded interesting...

  8. like the new outlay of your blog!

    definitely need to come over, quite a sucker for bread.

  9. joe: thanks! i lost the nuffnang ad somehow though, so i have to ask their help desk how to get it back! i'm such a tech idiot...

  10. Hehe..the pasta is quite good too actually. As well as the cakes (or rather, for the ones I chose!)

  11. Tng: ah ok, frankly, I was scared to order the pasta, since each of them cost less than rm10... Was just scared that they would taste like pizza hut pasta...

  12. this is some name that I cannot pronounce. I would have thought this is a boutique for lingerie. But the food looks good!

  13. Eiling: heheh, i'm not sure I know how to pronounce it either! I just know how to spell it ... But since it seems to be quite popular, I guess ppl care more about the food n ambience, but not the name :D

  14. It's a relaxing place, for sure. Devil and I will be sure to return for more too. :)

  15. Lfb: with a hell-raiser like the devil there, it won't be relaxing anymore! Geddit? Devil ... Hell-raiser? Oh, nevermind :P

  16. went there last sunday morning. man! this place is packed. overall dining experience: way below the expectation.
    coffee: it was merely fizzling warm. no satisfaction. i could only blame that they were understaffed, the coffee was made to wait to be served to us.
    bakery: had the basic croissant, nah...was far from the one i had on flights.
    ambience: the dining hall upstairs were like, erm...canteen?

  17. disappointed: sorry to hear about your experience. yeah, hits and misses here, and the hype might be too much for the reality to match =)