Eat Drink KL: Babycakes Sweet Shoppe @ G Tower

Monday, June 21, 2010

Babycakes Sweet Shoppe @ G Tower

Macarons seem very much in vogue now; if you live or work in the city center, this family-run counter at G Tower's lobby level is the best place to get your fix.

Are their macarons as marvelous as the ones at Nathalie's? Yes, but in a different way. The crusts have a similarly light, elegant crispness, but the fillings are significantly heavier and richer. So it's really a toss-up; some will prefer Nathalie's, others will like Babycakes better. Let's just say that both are worth risking the extra sugar consumption.

We loved the creativity of the flavors here. Our favorites were the caramel with salted butter & the red velvet with nutella (!), but there are at least nine varieties, including green tea, black sesame, vanilla, chocolate, cherry, orange & lemon.

Man cannot live on macarons alone; thus, soft-baked chocolate chip cookies are also sold here. Not bad, but probably not as memorable as the macarons.

Price-watchers will be pleased to hear that the macarons are only RM2.20-2.50 apiece (depending on the flavor) _ basically half of what Nathalie's ones cost.

Babycakes Sweet Shoppe,
Ground Floor, G City Club Hotel,
Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur.
(Look for the florist stand at G Tower's lobby, 10am-6pm. Closed Sundays)