Eat Drink KL: The Veranda @ Carcosa Seri Negara

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Veranda @ Carcosa Seri Negara

Now that Carcosa has received a new lease on life, it has resumed its role as a worthwhile stop for afternoon teas and leisurely dinners.

Carcosa's French restaurant, The Dining Room, is no longer operational, so the only dining option here is The Veranda, which offers both Western and Malaysian fare.

Caesar salad with wholemeal croutons. A can't-fail classic, competently executed. Couldn't tell the difference between these croutons and regular ones, but we loved the scent of truffle oil that permeated this platter.

Salmon tartar with avocado, horseradish, quail egg, caviar & blini. As comfortingly creamy as baby food (though certainly not as bland).

Whipped goat cheese with honey in filo pastry, served with truffle vinaigrette & asparagus. The muskiness of the cheese was a perfect match for the sweet honey.

Slow-baked Australian beef tenderloin with balsamic jus, summer veggies & whipped potatoes. Despite the elaborate decorations on this dish, it was basically a meat-and-potatoes recipe that proved hearty enough to satisfy carnivorous cravings.

Salmon crusted with herbs & mustard, served with champagne risotto & truffle oil. Fabulously fresh, splendidly succulent.

Trapiche Astica Chardonnay (Argentina).

The Veranda,
Carcosa Seri Negara.


  1. but i heard the food wasn't so great here wor.. which ones are your TOP recommendations? btw, hope ur sore is better!

  2. I haven't been to carcosa but since my friends tell me that this place isn't so good, I just skipped it.

  3. The nearest I have been to Carcosa is the road junction leading into the place... I always use the road from Damansara to KL

  4. Wow! all flawless dishes.

    I stil want my afternoon teas tho ;( They dun do that anymore hor?

  5. the goats cheese in filo looks nice hor.

  6. ciki: hmmm, my favorite places in kl? probably frangipani, senses, mandarin grill. i'm still in the recovery process ... it could take a week!
    eiling: it's actually pretty decent, but then again, i'm pretty easy to please! :D
    leo: ahhh, but u know how to get there at least!
    tng: they have resumed their afternoon teas! but it's not really that good, in terms of the sandwiches and pastries offered...
    fbb: yep, definitely worth eating :D

  7. Good to know that Carcosa is back becos it was falling apart before the refurbishment. This definitely warrant a visit.

    I must add that I enjoyed your blogs very much as it covers a number of higher end places that I can go for special occasions. It is easy to read plus lots of pictures. How do you do 30+ review a month and still can afford it??
    For me, I'll be broke.:=)

  8. Haha, exactly how easy to please are you, sir? :P

    Me, I just look for prices to please, poor wage-earner that I am. :(

  9. Carcosa is a nice place for a rendezvous. I'm glad it's still around, although the new management team has yet to prove itself. Food looks amazing.

  10. greeeny: it still needs some sprucing up, but i guess the falling-apart bit adds to its old-world charm. =) thanks very much for your kind words. much appreciated. heh, i spend less on other things in order to be able to afford more food.
    lfb: hmph, if u're a poor wage-earner, then i'm the mad hatter! :P
    lemongrass: yeah, would be a shame if the place had been lost to the public forever. i've never managed to stay a night at carcosa, but i've always enjoyed every meal here...

  11. I've had good memories of Carcosa, the rooms and its food. All perks of my previous jobs. These days I can't even afford to have tea here. But I'm glad it's still around, it'll be a pity to see this charming place go.

  12. Qwazymonkey: ya, it's a one-of-a-kind place. Just walking thru the corridors gives u such a sense of history n grand tradition, rite? Hopefully you'll be able to return many times in the future

  13. it wasnt bad when we dined at The Dining Room but dat was like errr 10 years ago??? hahaha we just loved the ambiance there

  14. Babe: oh yeah, the ambience does seem like the biggest incentive to come here. Hopefully it'll still be around for at least another 10 years :D