Eat Drink KL: Organic Vegetarian @ Subang Jaya

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Organic Vegetarian @ Subang Jaya

Click here for previous review of Organic Vegetarian (Sept. 6, 2009).

Mixed veggie pizza. A thin-crust concoction that could have been more crisp. Alas, it tasted like one of those mini-pizzas sold at shopping mall bakeries. Not exactly bland, but not bursting with flavour either. A wider range of veggies might have helped.

Lei Cha. A healthy, freshly prepared concoction, but probably an acquired taste, with lots of greens and grains and gruel. Available only on Tuesdays and Thursdays here.

La mien in dumpling soup. A guilt-free recipe, with no MSG and few hints of fat. Even the carbs in this hearty bowl seemed well worth consuming.

Organic Vegetarian Fresh Mart,
SS18/18, Subang Jaya.