Eat Drink KL: Mandarin Grill @ Kuala Lumpur Mandarin Oriental

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mandarin Grill @ Kuala Lumpur Mandarin Oriental

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Here's how two diners can enjoy a round-the-world trip in a single meal.

Boston slow-cooked lobster with sesame potato, dill mayo & balsamic. A light, wholesome starter with clean flavours, ideal for whetting the appetite.

Scottish salmon fillet. Too ordinary to justify its RM100 price tag; tasted like any other salmon that you'd find at a decent Western restaurant.

Alaskan crab leg & arugula risotto, with assorted seafood. Pretty much perfect; everything was fresh and flawlessly prepared.

New Zealand lamb duo, with roast artichoke, Yukon gold potato & lavender jus. Two separate lamb parts, though we're not sure which ones. The loin-like portion on the far right was our favourite, offering a fatty, fork-tender succulence.

Dutch veal loin with asparagus, porcini mushrooms & truffle mayonnaise. Meaty and flavourful; worth ordering for meat lovers who prefer not to gorge on an entire steak.

Australian grain-fed Wagyu beef, Grade 9, aged 360 days. 140 grams of bovine bliss; every blood-soaked bite provided pure pleasure.

Macarons. A sweet end, but we'll be back here for sure.

Rosa Di Ninfa, Ruffino, Tuscany.

Mandarin Grill,
Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. The lamb looks absolutely mouthwatering! We'll come over just for the lamb.

  2. RM100 for that??? U knew that I just have to comment on that right?? ;p

    anyhow, I'm seein a risotto dish done right!

  3. curiouscats: oh yeah, if u guys enjoyed yourselves at pacifica, u'll like mandarin grill too! =)
    tng: heheh, kinda regret ordering the salmon! the risotto is tasty, though the portion is puny!

  4. portion is puny? agree, how to eat 140gm steak?? i prefer my half kg portion although i should be looking at my uric acid levels..

  5. Looks like you've covered practically everything on the menu with your Around The World in 300 minutes exploration.

  6. Well, I think that fine dining normally involved puny portion at an exorbitant price... right???
    the lobster and lamb loin caught my attention :)
    my my my.. now I wish that I could eat like you everyday

  7. i like it for the 1st half that is all fish and healthy and delicious and for the second half that is all RED MEAT and sinful! haha

  8. joe: yaaaa, but even 140gm can be too heavy for the wallet! =)
    lemongrass: notchet! barely more than half the menu, really...
    leo: yep, i think smaller portions do prompt us to eat more slowly and to try to really appreciate the food though :D
    ciki: heheh, symmetry can make a meal more beautiful =)

  9. I bet the price is a killer... gotta gather some rich and generous friends to take me here. Been telling them about this place after reading from here and they are still not convinced to try it! Hmmph..

  10. eiling: hope u manage to get your opportunity soon!

  11. Waaaa...grade 9 wagyu. *dreams* I wonder how much that costs? =P

  12. bangsar-babe: luckily, it's only a small piece (140gm), so it's less than RM200...