Eat Drink KL: Restaurant Giovino @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Restaurant Giovino @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

Here's the concluding chapter in our Giovino trilogy.
Click here & here for earlier entries (Feb. 4 & Feb. 7).

Grilled baby octopus. Awesomely addictive; made us wish we lived near the ocean.

Dolmades (parcels of long-grain rice, seasoned with herbs and rolled with grape leaves). Light enough to please people who relish rice but prefer not to gorge on it. A subtly flavoured variation of the Middle Eastern warak ainab, which tastes more pickled.

Lentil soup. A comfortingly thick, hot and healthy broth _ bursting with lots of lentils _ that truly hits the spot for a rainy night.

Wild boar cooked in red wine, served with mashed potatoes. Nicely prepared; the tender meat carried none of the gaminess often associated with wild boar.

Moussaka. We've never been fans of moussaka, but this changed all that. Hands-down, the best moussaka we've ever tried, thanks to the extraordinarily comfort-foodish mix of melt-in-the-mouth eggplant, soft sliced potatoes and succulent minced lamb, layered together and baked in a Bechamel sauce that wasn't sour or cloying like most other versions.

Bifteki. This looked like steak, but it was actually fork-tender minced beef stuffed with emmenthal cheese and bacon. A deliciously unique delight; if we had to recommend only one dish here, we'd be hard-pressed to choose between this and the moussaka.

Chianti Classico Castello di Quercetto 2007 (Toscana).

Changkat Bukit Bintang.


  1. Have they given you a loyalty card yet? Or maybe feature you in the next issue of Time Out (again)?

  2. Ah, the Giovino trilogy! Feels as though this is Episode III: The Return of the Sean? :P

  3. reminds me its been awhile since i gone back to moussandra (doubt its there with the whole renovation works), so its giovino then!

  4. *LOL* at Kenny's comment. They must have at least given you a complimentary dessert? No? Looks like this place warrants a visit soon!

  5. haha the Dolmares looked like the chinese "hor yip fan".

  6. wow!
    Perhaps this plc will survive the Changkat BB's "now u see it, now u dont!" trend.

  7. at last, you have finished your trilogy on this place :P

  8. lemongrass: i'll be happy with a "customer of the month" framed photo on the restaurant's wall :D
    lfb: i ended on a feel-good note, and i didn't keep ppl waiting too long in between each installment! now where are my awards :P
    joe: yeah, wonder if moussandra will still be around when the mall reopens later this year
    unka: no complimentary stuff so far ... maybe i should go back and keep trying my luck, rite? :D
    eiling: heh, sort of, except that the leaves are totally edible! :D
    tng: i'm willing to wager that this place will still be around at this time next year =)
    leo: if it was successful enough, maybe i should consider more sequels :D

  9. so what do u call it after the trilogy? LOL ..

  10. ciki: quadrilogy! am sure i'll do a quadrilogy somewhere someday :D

  11. hi there

    do you happen to have the contact details for giovino pls? tx cheers

  12. sharmila: try this number, hope it works 03-2144-7323