Eat Drink KL: Zhen Shan Mei @ SohoKL

Monday, October 26, 2009

Zhen Shan Mei @ SohoKL

Taiwanese fine dining has come to town, with the brand-new Zhen Shan Mei offering a multitude of creatively conceived, painstakingly prepared recipes.

Foie gras in mochi skin roulades and mullet roe rolls. Just when we thought there could be no novel way of serving foie gras, this knocked our socks off; the cold foie terrine was a melt-in-the-mouth treat that combined perfectly with the slightly sweet, chewy mochi. Next to that, the fish egg rolls paled in comparison, though mullet roe is always a pleasure.

Succulent smoked goose & scallops with salmon roe helped to whet our appetites.

Fresh abalone complemented by an aromatic, subtly sour five-flavour sauce.

Scallop & prawn dumplings topped with truffles. This had all the attributes of superlative dim sum; plump, piping-hot, moist morsels stuffed with sensationally fresh ingredients.

Cold Hefeng-style stewed matsuzaka pork shoulder. A hearty serving of tender meat, though not particularly memorable. A bit bland, though that might have been intentional.

Supposedly a popular Taiwanese treat called "Keelung Miaokou," this deep-fried pork roll was like a version of lor bak, without any trace of excess oil.

Crispy "pomegranate" stuffed with scallop, prawn, squid & chicken. Expertly executed, but not exactly exceptional. Still, like nearly everything else here, it proved to be fun to eat.

Pork liver pan-fried with Taiwanese soya sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds. I've loved pig's liver ever since I was a kid, so it's something I still order whenever it's on the menu. This version was wonderfully juicy, with the strong liver flavour somehow toned down.

Silver cod steamed with Taiwanese cordia seeds. The fish was fresh and tasty, but the seeds seemed like an unnecessary distraction, since they were too hard and had to be spat out.

Placido Chianti DOCG, ordered over from their nearby affiliate, Michelangelo's.

Zhen Shan Mei,
SohoKL, Mont Kiara.


  1. And this was a meal for one? Wow. Sounds like a new place to venture to.. Geez my list of place-to-try is getting very very long now

  2. meal for two lah, one person how to finish all that. :P it's good to keep that list long, otherwise nothing new to look forward to :D

  3. I like liver since young too but too old to try, my body is not too good anymore..lovely joint.

  4. wow..nice place to go to..any food that peasants can afford to ar? all foie gras la n exp things that my stomach n wallet cant take la..

  5. sin: sori to hear that. yeah, i used to love pork liver satay back in malacca...
    joe: they have the regular taiwanese and chinese food, like three-cup chicken and salted egg yolk prawns. prices are comparable to fong lye...

  6. Owned by the Michelangelo's people? Sounds interesting. The cordia seeds I've seen before in Fong Lye, they chuck it in some romaine vegetable stir fry. Must go check this one out. Thxs.

  7. boo: i wonder if those seeds are supposed to be edible or not ... cos some of them were soft enough to chew, but most were just too hard...

  8. hhmmm...lets see..who to drag to this plc to eat w me...

  9. tng: joe, jon and boo :D

  10. taiwanese fine dining? wow... I'm so interested! :)

  11. christine: yep, something slightly different :D

  12. another place in SohoKL??? Sigh... I have not even been to one yet!
    But u know me.. CHinese food always interest me. Now if only I can find the time to explore Solaris area... and let's not forget the budget... hahahah!!!

  13. leo: wait for next special occasion perhaps! business at sohokl seems to be picking up, so it looks like it'll be around for some time. :D