Eat Drink KL: Sagano: MIGF & More @ Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sagano: MIGF & More @ Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Sagano's MIGF menu has both hits and misses, but it's still a fair bargain for RM119++ without wine. Service is impeccable and the environment is soothingly serene.

Starters of foie gras sushi with sweet black pepper sauce (the foie gras was overly seared), sea urchin egg tofu (a slippery treat that slides down easy), oyster with Japanese citrus and chili paste (pleasant but forgettable).

Thin-sliced Atlantic salmon with mango and wasabi sauce. Kinda ordinary.

Paper-wrapped sea bream with two types of seafood sauce. The fish tasted overdone and not quite fresh enough, but the sauces were lip-smackingly good.

Grilled marinated Wagyu beef with veggies. Our clear favourite. The beef was beautifully tender and breathtakingly flavourful. What was in that marinade?!

Deep-fried king prawn with butter cream sauce. Eat it while it's piping hot. Not for the faint-hearted, since the thick sauce was supremely decadent.

Hokkaido scallop and shimeji mushroom rice with cream. Not enough scallops and mushrooms to go with the rice. Even though the mushrooms imparted a nicely nutty, buttery taste to this, the texture of the rice was too hard.

Black sesame pannacotta & mango sorbet. A deliciously chilled crowd-pleaser.

That dessert was the end of the MIGF menu, but we were still peckish, so we also ordered the New Renaissance Roll (deep-fried lobster rolled with dried seaweed and vinegar rice, coated with mango).
In terms of appearance, this was magnificent (the pic doesn't do it justice). Taste-wise, it wasn't quite as impressive; a bit too similar to many of the tiger prawn rolls at other outlets.

Deep-fried oysters wrapped with perilla leaves. The perilla leaves added a fascinatingly minty flavour to the lightly battered oysters.

Renaissance Hotel.