Eat Drink KL: Union Bistrot, The Exchange TRX

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Union Bistrot, The Exchange TRX

The Exchange TRX’s latest restaurant-cafe, Union Bistrot dishes out a distinctive range of recipes and caffeinated concoctions in a sleek space.

Start with the coffee - the Coffee Flight is an engaging way to explore three different experiences from the same Liberica coffee. 

Head barista Jun serves this in a trio of forms: The coffee flower on French press, cascara cherry husk via nitro cold brew, and beans through pour-over, taking customers on a jackfruit-jazzed journey of progressive flavours. A fun trip to take.

British chef Marco Pierre White’s inspirations surface in some of Union Bistrot’s specialities, specifically the MPW Gold Standard Fish Pie, warm and luscious with the umami of the ocean, a trove of cod, smoked salmon, eel, scallops and prawns in kabayaki cream, coated in soft, comforting pomme puree.

The Rojak White Edition puts a playful spin on a Malaysian classic, juicily jazzed up with guava, pineapple, cucumber, mango, jicama, crackly dough and crunchy peanut crisps in a lively rojak emulsion.