Eat Drink KL: Tengyu Omakase offers KL's ultimate Japanese Shimomuragyu A5 wagyu beef yakiniku experience in Avenue K

Friday, March 1, 2024

Tengyu Omakase offers KL's ultimate Japanese Shimomuragyu A5 wagyu beef yakiniku experience in Avenue K

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Wagyu beef enthusiasts, bookmark Tengyu Omakase - Malaysia's first restaurant that specialises in Shimomuragyu, Japan's ultimate award-winning A5 wagyu beef, for omakase-style yakiniku lunch and dinners. 

This exclusive experience is now newly available at Tengyu Omakase's maiden outpost in Avenue K, beside its sister restaurant Yakiniku Tenshin.

Tengyu Omakase's halal-certified wagyu beef hails from Aichi Prefecture - it has earned accolades in Japan such as the Mikane Wagyu Encouragement Party Aichi Prefectural Governor Award and recognition from the National Wagyu Ability Promotion Conference.

Shimomuragyu is known for its uniquely rich but non-greasy texture, with an amino acid content of 30 times more glutamic acid than regular A5 wagyu beef, yielding exceptionally profound and pronounced flavour.

Tengyu Omakase harnesses top-tier A5 beef bred by third-generation farmers in the Shimomura ranch, where raising and delivering the cattle is carefully overseen in Aichi, which has consistently ranked first in national wagyu competitions for nearly a decade. 

At the restaurant, head chef Takeda showcases skills honed since he was 18 at restaurants in Tokyo and KL, blending tradition with innovation to impress guests with extraordinary wagyu yakiniku omakase feasts, available mainly in RM388 and RM688 sets per person.

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Both sets start with uplifting vegetable appetisers of carrots and white radish with vinegar, Ipoh bean sprouts with sesame oil, and baby spinach with white sesame, while the RM688 set also includes an earthy-sweet salad of Japanese tomatoes with sesame sauce.

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Continuing with the RM688 set, the Shimomuragyu A5 wagyu yukke with uni and egg brings together decadent rawness in a mouthwatering masterwork - luscious and luxurious, the trio of Shimomuragyu beef with the sea urchin and yolk is a Japanese food fantasy come true.

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The Shimomuragyu A5, gently grilled for the gorgeous char, glides on the palate with a pleasurable smoothness, bouncy and buoyant to the bite, springy and succulent to the chew.

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A sampler of three captivating cuts of Shimomuragyu A5 wagyu follows, featuring the tenderloin and two separate types of tri-tip and knuckle. These point to the prime purity of Shimomuragyu as a delicate delight, hot and smoky from the grill, deep and dense in flavour, finely marbled for unmatched moistness.

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The climax is this Shimomuragyu A5 tenderloin steak, thick-cut and triumphant, magnificently medium-rare for monumentally memorable mouthfuls of beefy brilliance. One of the Klang Valley's most exquisite steak encounters.

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Seafood also surfaces in the RM688 set, courtesy of the lobster paired with Hokkaido scallops, a divine duet from the northern hemisphere's oceans.

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Shimomuragyu beef emerges one final time in the beef bone soup, simmered for 10 hours to extract its nourishing nutrition, creamy and milky in all its gelatinous glory, served ochasuke-style with rice. The omakase set concludes with dessert of Japanese melon and strawberries.

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The RM388 set commences with carrots and white radish with vinegar, Ipoh bean sprouts with sesame oil, and baby spinach with white sesame, plus a refreshing salad with wafu dressing.

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The Shimomuragyu A5 wagyu beef yukke with yolk is one of 2024's meal highlights so far.

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We love the Australian beef tongue, wrapped around chopped leeks for a contrast of textures.

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Grilled servings of top round and knuckle lead patrons on a joyous journey of juiciness to explore the excellence of Shimomuragyu A5 wagyu beef.

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The Shimomuragyu A5 wagyu beef Rib loin is a silky sensation, broadly and beautifully sliced, supple and sumptuous to the taste buds, delightfully dipped in egg yolk.

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A lighter Shimomuragyu A5 beef bone soup and Japanese melon take us to the finale of this fairly priced RM388 set.

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Besides the omakase counter, a private room is also available for intimate occasions.

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Tengyu Omakase
L3-14A & L3-14C, Level 3 Avenue K, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +6010-280-7008