Eat Drink KL: OMG Ooh My Gas LN2 Ice Cream @ Pavilion

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

OMG Ooh My Gas LN2 Ice Cream @ Pavilion

Got gas? Barely a month after NBrew established Malaysia's first liquid nitrogen ice cream kiosk at eCurve, another purveyor of LN2 pleasures has suddenly surfaced, this time at the wonderfully convenient location of Pavilion.
Entry on NBrew @ eCurve: January 13.

Ooh My Gas (cute name) at Pavilion offers an impressive degree of minus-210-degree customization. The ordering procedure might seem complicated initially: Patrons first need to choose a base, either ice cream, gelato or soy milk.

Next, determine your flavor: everything from macadamia milk to coffee java chips, sesame to white chocolate, grape to pineapple. Then decide on toppings: cashews, pistachios, corn flakes, Reese's, Oreos, marshmallows & more. 

The frosty fun begins immediately; each cup (prices start at RM12.90) takes a minute to make, with the mixes flash-frozen with liquid nitrogen & served to order.

Peanut butter alert! Our top pick: Peanut butter gelato topped with pecans. Folks will probably have their own preferences, but with the right combination of flavor & topping, Ooh My Gas ranks pretty much on par with the fabulous Cielo Dolci.
Entry on Cielo Dolci @ Paradigm Mall: June 3, 2012.

Hazelnut nutella ice cream. An absolute delight, dense, rich & smooth enough to become everyone's latest addiction.

Cinnamon ice cream, with a soy milk base & cream cheese topping, near-perfect in taste & texture. Note that customers can also specify whether they want their ice cream very sweet, moderately sweet or relatively less sweet.

Ooh My Gas OMG Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream,
Level 1, Pavilion Shopping Mall, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.