Eat Drink KL: Urbanfresh, Pestle & Mortar & Taste Better @ Setia City

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Urbanfresh, Pestle & Mortar & Taste Better @ Setia City

Congratulations! You've safely navigated the highways to reach Setia City Mall; the next challenge is finding somewhere worthwhile to eat here amid the parade of usual suspects like KFC, McDonald's, Secret Recipe, Subway and Sushi King.

We'll stick to the lower ground level. First, peek inside Urbanfresh, the anchor supermarket, where a little bakery churns out fresh bread all day long.

Who knew that fine scones could be found in this mall? This savory, herb-filled one should counter hunger pangs for at least 15 minutes.

Beside the bakery, a patisserie beckons, promising sweet treats galore.

Lamingtons make an unexpected appearance. Take a table, rest your feet and nibble on one, enjoyably soft and spongy.

It's also surprising at first to see a superbly stocked liquor section here, especially since the rest of the mall is abysmal for alcohol.

Whiskey, rum, gin and more; pick your poison, all at reasonable rates.

Personal mini-bottles of wine; bag them and sip slowly while window-shopping.

Stepping outside the supermarket, the intriguingly named Pestle & Mortar is worth a stop.

Savories here include nasi lemak and chicken chop, but the attraction's the Nyonya kuih, tasty and authentic enough to spend a ringgit or two on.

Wrapping up with a visit to stinky-sweet specialist Taste Better.

Durian custard puffs, with fresh batches prepared every couple of hours.

There's also soft-serve ice cream (or was it frozen yogurt? Hmmmmm).

Durian-flavored as well. Deliciously creamy, with minimal stench.
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Urbanfresh, Pestle & Mortar and Taste Better,
Setia City Mall.