Eat Drink KL: Kyo-ei Tokyo Ramen, Komugi & J.Pop Japanese Popsicles @ Pavilion

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Kyo-ei Tokyo Ramen, Komugi & J.Pop Japanese Popsicles @ Pavilion

Add one more purveyor of pork-rich ramen to Pavilion's roster: Kyo-ei is worth a visit, though it seems unlikely that most customers consider this KL's best noodles.

Kyo-ei's ramen is made fresh in-store; interestingly, the noodles feature something akin to a hand-torn look, kinda like a cross between regular ramen & pan mee.

We opted for the miso broth, but maybe we should have tried the shio or shoyu varieties instead; this soup tasted thin, lacking the satisfying depth of versions elsewhere. The pork, egg & other accompaniments proved decent but undistinguished.

Oops, can't read what this says. No idea where Kyo-ei comes from or who runs it.

Seeking something sweet, we strolled from Kyo-ei to Komugi, also on Pavilion's sixth floor.

Komugi is a cafe that brims with bread, though surveying its showcase will reveal a range of desserts such as this milky-creamy pudding ...

... Hokkaido cheese tarts & Hanjuku cheese cakes ...

... Danish-style pastries stuffed on purchase with fresh custard ...

... plus Namachoco green tea sponge cakes. Available also at Komugi's Mid Valley branch.

Komugi's bread, excellent for crusty loaf lovers. We like the ones with chestnuts & cranberries.

Also worth visiting at Pavilion's Tokyo Street: J.Pop Japanese Popsicles.

J.Pop is linked to the G-Stick gelato that's become a popular fixture at Publika's Ben's Independent Grocer. But what's fresh here seems to be the mini-popsicles of flavors such as wasabi, lavender & miso half-coated in hazelnut & wrapped partly in seaweed (!).

For RM4.90 per mini-pop, a fun treat that's convenient to savor while window-shopping.

Kyoei Ramen, Komugi Cafe & J.Pop Japanese Popsicles,
Level Six, Pavilion Shopping Mall, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.