Eat Drink KL: Krocies @ SS2

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Krocies @ SS2

What a load of croc: Meat lovers looking to chew on this carnivorous reptile can wade over to Krocies, where the crocodile rocking truly is something shocking.

Krocies is operated by a family that owns legitimate crocodile farms in Malaysia, enabling it to serve every inch of the creature, including the crocodile's paws, braised for a bony mushiness evocative of chicken feet.

Crocodile skin with bean curd strips. Chewy, with a fishy flavor that might repel some customers.

Crocodile tongue. Fascinating texture for these thick slices of tongue, mainly gelatinous but with a feeling of fattiness reminiscent of pork belly.

Crocodile offal roll, fried with everything from the heart & liver to who-knows-what-else. Like a cross between Penang lor bak & Chinese New Year preserved sausages.

Complimentary ice cream. Nope, not crocodile ice cream.

Take home some crocodile meat, another one of those traditional health remedies.

Prices seem fair, with hearty servings; two can have a protein-packed meal for RM80.

Crocodile bone soup, crocodile ribs & crocodile tail are also available. Next round!

40, Jalan SS2/10, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7877-3229
Open for lunch & dinner, except Thursdays.