Eat Drink KL: S.Wine @ Publika

Sunday, March 18, 2012

S.Wine @ Publika

S.Wine: Round Two (of course one round wasn't enough!). Earlier entry: March 16.

Parma ham, peaches, arugula & roma tomatoes, tossed in white balsamic vinegar & extra virgin olive oil _ the salad to scarf down while listening to Lauren Alaina sing, "there's a reason the boys pick Georgia peaches." A sweet change from the usual ham-&-rock-melon medleys.

What's S.Wine's pork burger like? Sloppy & juicy, thanks to a Mexican-style pulled pork topping; it might not win the award for KL's best pork burger, but it should get nominated. No nitpicking possible about the plump patty & buttered brioche bun.

Geographical boundaries count for nothing at S.Wine. The menu features Italian favorites like this traditional preparation of spaghetti carbonara, replete with a raw-&-risky egg yolk, roughly torn prosciutto & pancetta chunks ...

... alongside mainstays of Malaysia's heritage: Hainanese pork chop flooded in tomato sauce & festooned with peas, corn, carrots & coriander. Would it be sacrilegious to say this is as satisfying as Yut Kee's Worcestershire-sauce version? OK, we won't say it _ but we'll imply it.

Maybe our senses were swayed by S.Wine's Voga Italia Sparkling Pinot Grigio.

Wine bought at Ben's Independent Grocer can be consumed without a corkage charge here.

Follow the pig: these posters unveil the path to pleasures no longer forbidden.

S.Wine Cafe Deli @ Ben's Independent Grocer,
Publika, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Open through 10pm, starting 11am weekdays & 9am weekends.