Eat Drink KL: Fatboy's Burger Bar @ Publika

Monday, February 27, 2012

Fatboy's Burger Bar @ Publika

Hailing from Singapore, Fatboy's has launched its first Malaysian outpost in Solaris Dutamas' Publika, unleashing a blitzkrieg of burgers that are better than the average.

This Fat Basterd is the signature treat, a RM28 beefy behemoth that two should share. It has received mixed reviews in SG, but KL's preparation tastes perfect. Two extra-thick, exceptionally juicy patties form a tower of protein, gratuitously turbocharged with pork bacon, cheddar cheese, fried egg & a savory sauce.

Surprisingly, Fatboy's has stuck to its guns & remained resolutely non-halal, serving this weirdly wondrous Elvis Burger, featuring a pork patty topped with peanut butter & bananas (!). Not the menage a trois of our dreams, but it won't trigger gastronomic nightmares. No sickeningly sweet, mushy bananas here.

Unlike its Singaporean counterpart, this Publika branch serves no wine, so we guzzled this low-carb Pure Blonde beer instead (about 100 calories per 300ml bottle), alongside cranberry juice.

Vanilla malt shake blended with nutella (yummy for the tummy!) & orange juice. We'll be back here for more; there are still lamb, chicken & portobello mushroom burgers to order.

Fatboy's doesn't exactly have a sweeping dessert selection (think brownies & ice cream, mainly), so sugar-seekers might want to adjourn to Plan B to satisfy their sweet tooth.
Main entry on Plan B @ Publika: January 20, 2012.

Carrot cake with raisins, nuts & cream cheese frosting. One of KL's better ones.

Almond toffee bar, the crunchy, stick-to-your-gums kind.

Macadamia white chocolate cookie & peanut butter milk choc cookie. Sometimes, some things deserve a second chance; on our earlier visit, we found the peanut butter cookie "spongy." But this time, it was delightfully decadent.

French Press Guatemalan Antigua Los Volcanes coffee & butterscotch milkshake.

Two gins (Tanqueray & Hendricks) & a tonic.

Fat Boy's The Burger Bar & Journal By Plan B,
Publika, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Directions: Fatboy's faces Publika's open square, very near Ben's.