Eat Drink KL: Sunday Brunch @ Acme

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sunday Brunch @ Acme

Rise & shine! Acme has started serving brunch on Sundays, offering more than three hours of fun feasting at one of KL's best new outlets of 2011.
Earlier entries on Acme @ The Troika: December 2 & December 5.

We'll clam up & let this lengthy line of photos do the talking; it'd take too long to describe everything on the buffet, but suffice to say, it's well worth the RM89++ per person.

Herb-roasted beetroot with maple vinaigrette & buffalo mozzarella.

Smoked duck pizza with mozzarella cheese & tomato.

Radish with fava bean salad & green tahini sauce.

Smoked salmon gravlax.

Green asparagus with parmesan cheese & truffle creme fraiche.

Potato salad with smoked tuna & green peas.

Smoked clam & corn chowder with croutons & cinnamon herb butter on crispy toast, served to the table steaming-hot from the kitchen.

Japanese cucumber with sesame seed dressing.

Potato & smoked salmon fritters with lemon yogurt.

French beans & sweet peas with hazelnut & orange vinaigrette.

A sampling of the starters on our plate. Items are subject to change every week.

Main courses kick off swimmingly with whole-baked fish.

Stuffing our faces with stuffed roasted chicken.

Beef with three sauces: garlic hollandaise, smoky tomato & coriander honey.

Confit roast lamb.

White coco bean cassoulet & roasted pumpkin with garlic butter.

Seafood mash pie.

Macaroni & cheese.

Meat, meet meat. Acme's team carves up the flesh according to your fancy.

Enjoying our just desserts: Gingerbread brioche with maple syrup chibouste.

Apple & rosemary cake.

Pineapple turnovers.

Coconut & macadamia brownies.

Churros with chocolate sauce.

The best of the lot is in the middle: an ultra-creamy peanut butter cheesecake.

Reservations are essential; these photos were snapped at 11:30 a.m., but within two hours, every table seemed to be taken.
P.S. Acme will be closed for lunch today, Dec. 7, for a private function.

Acme Bar & Coffee,
ABC @ The Troika, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2162-2288


  1. Looks yummy! What time does the Sunday brunch start? Btw, i love ur blog. I found so many nice dining places by just browsing and reading every little detail on ur blog :)

  2. Wow what a splendid spread! I have to say for RM89++ it looks like it'll be worth the money spent.

  3. Zee: should start by 11:30, but do call them to confirm. last weekend, it was delayed till past noon, but that was 'cos it was a trial-run brunch. and thanks for your kind words. very much appreciated =)
    Baby sumo: oh yeah, and that's actually only about 80 percent of the spread! There were a few other salads and side dishes that I didn't photograph :D

  4. Holy crap...this is the awesome-mess buffet brunch I have ever seen @.@

  5. To be honest, for now, I would only go for the lamb dish
    Oh it looks yum!

  6. Oh gosh..a little voice is telling me I can't eat that much on a Sunday afternoon. all looks so goooooood!! haha!

  7. WOW. this is a FEAST not a brunch...

    since you've blogged about this place a few times, i think this should be on my must go list...

  8. i see beautifullllll meat!

    I am heading in for the weekend. i must i must i must (and i reckon i can now hear hubby's voice saying " you're nuts, you're nuts, you're nuts)

  9. OMG!!!!!! I would gladly pay that amount just for the desserts especially the Peanut Butter Cheesecake!! I can imagine my stuffed belly filled with those sweet goodies... *drool*

  10. Ulric: i hope they'll maintain the quality & quantity in the sundays to come! i have faith that they will :D
    Rad: ah, but you're a chicken fan, first & foremost! the stuffed roasted chicken was pretty tasty. aromatic & tender =)

  11. Adam: yeah, the spread is almost too much for most stomachs to take! we were actually full by the time we finished the salads! :D
    Michelle: yeah, after this brunch, there's barely any need for dinner! =) i hope you'll enjoy your meal at this place :D

  12. Missyblurkit: heheh, let's cross our fingers that hubby will say "you were right, you were right, you were absolutely right" after visiting this place :D
    Vien: yeah, the peanut butter cheesecake is a melt-in-the-mouth sensation! i hope they'll expand their range of the desserts, adding more mousse-y & ice-creamy stuff =)

  13. Oh, was it!
    Does the restaurant accept international delivery service? :DD

  14. Your plate looks like a mountain! You sure it's just a "sampling" ah? :P

  15. Wow wow!! IMPRESSIVE!!! Didn't imagine that there could be so much food (& meat) served ;) Well worth it! :)

  16. Whoa!! This is a sick-looking buffet!! All hail the new king of buffets! And RM89++'s a steal! I just did Sassorosso's Sunday semi-buffet at RM118++ and quality of spread doesn't even come close!

  17. Rad: heh, the chicken will be as dry as a rock by the time it reaches you! :D
    Bangsar-Babe: heheh, it was 3-5 bites of each salad. but you're right, by the time i finished that plate, i was half-full! =)

  18. Iamthewitch: yeah, but the best thing is, it's not just quantity but also quality here, i think! there was not much seafood, but the meat made up for it! :D
    Min: i haven't tried sassorosso's semi-buffet, but ya, i was well impressed by how acme put extra effort into its spread. even every salad was worth trying _ something that can't be said for most other buffets! :D

  19. I'm liking the look of this! I was gonna go try last Sunday but last min change of plan, damn wud have bump into u! :)

  20. Augustdiner: heheh, so far we've only bumped into each other at silverspoon & the hill, rite. but ya, here's hoping our paths cross really soon! :D

  21. Gingerbread brioche with maple syrup chibouste!! I'm going just for that. Looks like a wonderful way to spend a Sunday.

  22. The Yum List: oh yeah, this is a cheerful way to spend a wholesome Sunday afternoon with family or friends. much recommended! =)

  23. Rad: yeah, chicken is best eaten fresh =)

  24. That's it. This rocks big time. I'm clearing my Sun to be here! :D
    What time does brunch ends?

  25. Rad: heheh, roasted, steamed or fried is fine :P
    TNG: oh, they'll probably clear the food at around 3pm, but i think they're fine to let customers linger on after that :D

  26. wow i don't mind going to this brunch! But what about the drinks? Are they separately charged?

  27. Eiling: oh ya, drinks would be separate, except for plain water. i think cappuccinos & lattes & juices would all be charged separately =)

  28. It must be an awesome brunch for you. This place looks exciting!

  29. Smitten by food: oh yeah, almost wish I could do this every Sunday, heh =)

  30. Love your blog. Just tried the buffet with free flow of drinks at RM199++. I wouldn't say it worth the price as the Four Seasons brunch at Bangkok is much better and worth the price. You may give it a try one day.. Imagine unlimited serving of foir gras, foir gras sausage, scallops, cavier, free flow of drinks (cocktail, champagne etc), peking duck and their waffle is delicious too.. If I remember correctly, it was RM250++ !

    1. Hueychin: thanks for the info! wow, the four seasons brunch sounds amazing. will store it in my memory banks for future use, hopefully :D