Eat Drink KL: The Whisky Bar

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Whisky Bar

Back to The Whisky Bar after over a year. Earlier entry: June 14, 2010.

What to eat with whiskey? Pork ribs, smoked with Scottish whiskey, seem like a safe bet _ meaty, fork-tender and somehow subtly sweet. Raise your glass!

Pork belly pizza with rocket salad. Also excellent; the velvety topping of pork slices lifted this thin-crust concoction to luscious new levels.

Fondue for two, fondue for two: Swiss gruyere & emmenthal cheese, with gherkins, broccoli, potatoes, sausages & bread cubes. (Chocolate fondues are available for dessert lovers)

Creamy and aromatic, as all fabulous fondues should be.

When the fondue is more than half-finished, a raw egg & kirsch are added into the mix to supply a special kick (liquor-laced fondues rule!).

A whiskey flight, featuring a tasting set of varieties from five countries: Hakushu (12 years, Japan), Old Pulteney (12 yrs, Scotland), Jim Beam Black Label (12 yrs, USA), The Irishman (Ireland) & Canadian Club Classic (12 yrs blended whiskey, Canada).

The Whisky Bar also now serves a traditional Sunday roast platter, EVERY DAY, 5pm-10pm, with roast beef, lamb shoulder, gammon ham, Yorkshire pudding & more, for RM48++.

The Whisky Bar,
Changkat Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. So have you tried the Sunday roast?

    If you ever visit Scotland, you shd go on a whisky tour.. I think you will like it a lot. (includes whisky tasting :P)

  2. WAhhhaa...the wine shop & now followed by the whisky bar.. Got 'The Beer Factory' after this? :P

  3. Baby sumo: nope, haven't found the right occasion yet to try the roast! Same goes for Scotland, unfortunately. I've visited London three times in the past eight years, and I've wanted to head to Scotland too each time, but i always fell short in the end! Not for the whiskey though (am not really a fan of whiskey), but I wanna walk up the hills, see the cliffs, the sea. Maybe before I turn 40, I hope! :D
    Rebecca: heheh, I'm glad that one person was observant to notice! Yeah, it felt right to put the wine shop and the whisky bar back-to-back. And the beer factory would actually be a great idea, since it's also been more than a year since my last visit there. Have been hearing good things about their current food menu :D

  4. Love the cheese-and-mice detail on the side of the bowl. And, certainly, who could argue with liquor-laced fondues?



  5. Kenny: I wonder if all-in-one fondue kits are easily available for home use. Would love to be able to whip up some cheese or chocolate fondue at my place, but the bother of buying the bowl, stove and other accessories is daunting =)

  6. Gasps...whisky pork ribs n fondue...hubba hubba :D was d Hakushu? Good?

  7. This is heartbreaking. I've woken up this morning to the realisation that I have to absolutely begin abstinence stat. Deadline of about a month to pull myself together to look remotely bridal. No chance of you blogging about inspiring rabbit food and exercise for the next 30 days or so? :-P

  8. so, did the fondue will taste a little fruity after the kirsch was added?

  9. Easier solution: Find a mate/partner who will whip all this up for you! (And for the more S&M-inclined amongs us, perhaps the whipping alone would suffice. Lol.)

  10. ulric: gosh, all the whiskey tasted similar to me. smooth, but not my favorite drink. i'd choose wine instead of whiskey on most evenings =)
    min: yikes, the only solution might be to abstain from food blogs too! the sacrifice could prove worthwhile. but at any rate, i'm quite certain that you'll make a radiant, beautiful bride, no fear :D
    michelle: hmmm, not really fruity, more of brandy-ish maybe. but it was really mild anyways. the booze content was wiped out by the boiling-hot fondue :D
    kenny: what a kinky fondue that might be! one also wonders what you would do with the skewers in the fondue set. eeks! =)

  11. Pork belly pizza with rocket salad sounds good!
    I tried cheese fondue once at Zermatt, it was nice but too cheesy, I only can eat a little.

  12. Ckiong: oooo, the original authentic fondue in Switzerland! That should be interesting. Yeah, I guess it's too creamy and rich; need to share the bowl! :D

  13. Skewers & Marshmallows, anyone? :P

  14. Kenny: ouch! Dunch wan! :p

  15. I've never eaten at Whisky Bar though I've been there a few times. It's just drinking all the time. Next time shall give it's roast platter a try.

  16. eiling: yeah, hopefully the roast platter goes well with whiskey! i guess it should, since they wouldn't offer it otherwise :D

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