Monday, June 14, 2010

The Whisky Bar @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

Both The Whisky Bar and Carmen's Vinothek are now open for business beside each other, with a private passageway inside that links these sister outlets.

Carmen's deals in wine; no prizes for guessing what The Whisky Bar offers.

The one-page menu here comprises mainly salads, tapas and cheese platters. Here's the Jamon Iberico (cured ham from the black Iberian pig) on bread with diced tomatoes. No complaints; tasted as smooth and intensely savory as expected.

Greek salad. Not quite the recipe that we know and enjoy. It contained the necessary tomatoes, feta cheese, red onions & olives, but the rather uninspiring lettuce seemed to be the dominant force. Could have used some cucumber and bell peppers for added crunch.

Customers can also order selected items from Werner Kuhn's affiliated outlets at Changkat. From El Cerdito, the chorizo cured with red wine and apricots. Meaty but very salty.

Brought over from Piza, the veal osso bucco with lemon risotto. Lots of marrow to enjoy in the bones, but this still fell short of greatness. The veal was a tad too gamy and chewy, while the risotto was dry, stodgy and bland.

Thankfully, we loved the thin-crust pizza, generously topped with smoked salmon, creme fraiche, mascarpone, 20-year-aged balsamico & truffle oil. Perhaps Changkat's best pizza, with a masterfully inventive mix of flavors from top-notch ingredients.

We're not whisky lovers, but we couldn't resist ordering the Suntory Yamazaki and the Suntory Hakushu, both of them 12-year-old single malts.

Hopping a few steps over to Carmen's Vinothek for tasting portions of wine: Pierro Semillion Sauvignon Blanc, Margaret River, Australia, '08 & Dr. Loosen Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Kabinett, Germany, '07.

Val de Sil Godello, Valdeorras, Spain, '09 & Bodegas Muga Rioja Blanco, Spain, '05.

Castello Banfi Chianti Classico DOCG Riserva, Italy '06 & Prunutto Barbaresco, Nebbiolo, Italy '06. Click here for review of Carmen's Vinothek (June 10).

The Whisky Bar,
Changkat Bukit Bintang.


  1. This would be a 1st? I mean - a whisky bar!
    Smart of the dude too, to allow food ordered frm HIS other outlets here ;)

  2. you've been to the MO the selection here similar to the single malts offered there? werner really has the street conquered. all that's missing is a banana leaf restaurant. *grin*

  3. Tng: ya, since there are lotsa whisky lovers around, this place would definitely appeal to many ppl! Nothing else quite like it at changkat...
    Lemongrass: ohhh I can never remember whisky names, but I think both the whisky bar and mo bar would satisfy the same clientele. Ya, at this rate, the street should be renamed changkat werner... And to think that just a few years ago, all he had was el Cerdo at tengkat tong shin...

  4. my dad might like this place since he's favours whisky more compare to wine. I personally think this place will only work if they sell unique + hard to get whisky brands. (do they?) Why else would ppl pay high price for whisky they can get anywhere else? Nevertheless glad to have something different in Changkat, really hope it stays for awhile.

  5. good golly! i just came from unka's new look blog. now YOU! nice new look :) me no like whisky but me like eat and drink with eat drink KL. when ar?? bila free makan2 ar? haha

  6. yum..looks like u r a wine person in the end hor?

    i would think perfect place b4 flying off to somewhere, so you can try out which whisky is perfect to buy at duty free prices..haha

  7. augustdiners: ya, a lot of older guys seem to like whisky, right? or is that just a stereotype. i guess this place might suit a more "mature" clientele, since it's almost like a hotel lounge set-up. they probably do carry interesting brands, but i can't say what, since i don't know any :D
    ciki: thanks! am still fiddling with the layout, but it's going from bad to worse now :D yep, i haven't seen your new hairdo in person yet! let me know which week is good, and i'm sure we can put our minds together and arrange something :D
    joe: yeps, give me a bottle of wine over a bottle of whisky anyday :D although it's getting increasingly difficult for me to get tipsy on wine...

  8. You are AGAIN one step ahead of me!! I was supposed to go this week! ish ish ish.. how do you like the Suntory Yamazaki? I've tried the 12, 18 and 25. All also very good!

  9. Eiling: I think u'll like this place! It's very tastefully furnished. Am not a fan of whisky though, so I couldn't really figure out whether I liked it...

  10. The pizza looks dreamy... and nice new blog design, Sean! :)

  11. Lfb: thanks! It's all thanks to blogspot's new templates though. It's the only option for artistically challenged me...