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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Cookbook

Beware: the following photos depict a potentially shocking eggs-travaganza of a meal.

Forty-five-minute poached egg with black cream sauce on dried scallop toast. Tasted like regular soft-boiled egg, though that's not a bad thing. The toast was crunchy but slightly too charred.

Half-boiled eggs with crispy squid & curry-butter baguette. A liquidy mess to scoop out and eat, but what a fine mess. Or, just pop the eggs into your mouth for explosions of gooey goodness.

Smoked Omega eggs with fish roe & shimeji mushrooms. Similar to the seasoned eggs often served with Japanese ramen. The roe and mushrooms made scarcely any impact.

Black-eyed pea cake with salted egg yolk & chili. Creamy comfort food. As greasy as the pan-fried radish cakes offered at traditional dim sum outlets.

Sang har porridge with century eggs. Recommended for anyone who's bored of bland, watery porridges. This had us licking our lips and our spoons.

Sang har noodles in prawn broth with 45-minute poached egg. A satisfactory alternative to sang har meen, with the chicken egg adding a burst of extra flavor.

Pineapple & green apple juice, alongside Savanna Cider.

So ultimately, that's what My Cookbook is all about _ a creative menu featuring Chinese fare with contemporary flourishes. A nice change from the nondescript watering holes at Sunway Giza.

My Cookbook,
A-12, Sunway Giza Mall,
Sunway Damansara, Kota Damansara.
Tel: 6140-6113