Eat Drink KL: El Fresco @ Empire Shopping, Subang

Friday, July 2, 2010

El Fresco @ Empire Shopping, Subang

Here's how Jaya Grocer has become a "grocerant" (grocer + restaurant).

Choose meat and seafood from the supermarket, then bring it all to the counter of their in-house eatery, El Fresco, and pay for it to be cooked (a surcharge of 12 ringgit is imposed per item). Grab a seat at the dining area while waiting for the food to be sent to you.

We asked for the Aussie chilled Wagyu rib-eye to be prepared medium-rare, but it came out medium. Tasted like a mediocre steak, but it was unclear whether the blame rested with the cooking or the quality of the beef (or both).

The lamb chops were gamy and chewy, with more fat than meat. El Fresco offers three options for side dishes: salad leaves, mixed veggies or pasta.

Empire Shopping Gallery.