Thursday, December 24, 2009

Overtime @ Life Center

A life-saver for city workers desperate to escape the evening traffic.

Customers can choose to eat and drink inside this quirkily decorated watering hole...

... or savour the calm outdoors if the weather isn't too humid.

Honey-glazed char siew. Good stuff; the balance of lean meat and fat was perfect. They also got the sweetness 100 percent right, though it should have been stickier.

Fire Pork. Basically spicy, crispy siew yoke. Addictively flavourful.

Smoked pork shoulder. Skip this; it was chewy and forgettable.

Starker fresh beer, a full-bodied brew with both fruity and herbal hints.

Pina Colada and Long Island Iced Tea.

Life Centre,
Jalan Sultan Ismail.


  1. Merry Xmas

    superwilson -

  2. no more over time... HOLIDAY! hahaha


  3. Oh my! Atr pork place!
    I tell you, nowadays Biz owners jz dun care abt the M clientele anymore??

  4. Overtime used to be Warp Dance Club (wildly popular feng tao place) before it was closed and replaced with Ruums Dance Club which was closed down later as well :)
    correct me if I'm wrong

  5. ooh i love a porky place with alcohol! yums yums... will give it a try. the pork shoulder looks tempting though but shall trust tour taste. Went to bar madrid 2 days ago and Sebastian remembers you!

  6. wilson: to your and your family too :D
    ciki: thanks for spreading the festive cheer!
    tng: heh, well, whatever the reason, i'm glad these places are sprouting up and doing well
    leo: oh ya, ruums is gone, but i think its premises on the 1st/2nd floor was taken over by an outlet called "kl live." whereas overtime is on the ground floor. not sure what it used to be though...
    eiling: yikes, i hope he remembers good things!!! :D

  7. Merry Xmas! HOHOHO~~~ ^^

  8. jess: same to you! thanks for reading! :D

  9. In life center?? Oh God! I might just make an exception to visit this Ah Beng place

  10. qwazymonkey: heheh, it's not that bad la :P

  11. I love that name: "Fire Pork" ... conjures up an image of Babe doing the pyronetic-acrobatic stunts from skyscraper to skyscraper... ahem.

    Merry Xmas, Sean and have a Happy New Year!! :D

  12. lfb: oh yeah, fire pork could be a member of the animal avengers... together with captain chicken and mr beeftastic :D tnx, kenny. have a safe and very happy holiday season!

  13. Beer's making a comeback in 2010?? Just when I'm making a resolution to give up guzzling it? This is a really tough break! Have a Happy Holiday season Sean!

  14. min: beer seems to be the new pink! the timing is right for me though, cos i'm just learning to guzzle it! tnx, min, stay safe & warm in japan! :D

  15. look interesting.......

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