Eat Drink KL: Overtime @ Life Center

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Overtime @ Life Center

A life-saver for city workers desperate to escape the evening traffic.

Customers can choose to eat and drink inside this quirkily decorated watering hole...

... or savour the calm outdoors if the weather isn't too humid.

Honey-glazed char siew. Good stuff; the balance of lean meat and fat was perfect. They also got the sweetness 100 percent right, though it should have been stickier.

Fire Pork. Basically spicy, crispy siew yoke. Addictively flavourful.

Smoked pork shoulder. Skip this; it was chewy and forgettable.

Starker fresh beer, a full-bodied brew with both fruity and herbal hints.

Pina Colada and Long Island Iced Tea.

Life Centre,
Jalan Sultan Ismail.