Eat Drink KL: Lafite @ Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lafite @ Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur

If you're hunting for KL's most inventive cuisine, look no further than Lafite.
I'll let the pictures do the talking, since everything tasted as terrific as it looked.

Oyster and Pearls (fresh oyster with pearls of citrus and squid ink essence).

Inside Out Pizza (crispy bread, tomato, cheese and garlic).

Foie Gras Cones (foie gras mousse, whipped cherry and cocoa nibs).

Caviar Donut (Oscietra Caviar, donut, creme fraiche glaze, liquid garnish).

Twice-cooked Sablefish (sablefish poached and seared with corn and textured mushrooms over a sweet and sour broth).

Tagliatelle pasta with black truffles, cream, chives and parmesan.

Green apple sorbet for cleansing the palate.

Lafite Choc Bar (soft choc, feullitine crust, malted ice cream, white choc snow).

Lemon Tree (frozen lemon mousse, curd, cocoa leaves, almond dust).

64 Minus 10 Cocktail (dual-temperature whiskey sour) and Grown Up Jello (gin & tonic cubes). Even the cocktails are amazingly creative.

Shangri-La Hotel.


  1. pearls of citrus and squid ink essence?
    Caviar Donut??
    Foie Gras Cones???

    My,that was one hell of a dinner! And all week i been reading post after post of foie gras..*faint*

  2. foie gras everyday keeps hunger pangs away!

  3. It really does look like the folks in the kitchen here really have fun with what they do! The caviar donut makes me ticklish! :-D

  4. the fun in preparing the food seems proportionate to the fun of eating it! :D

  5. urmmm, honestly can't remember. but safe to say, hundreds...

  6. Whoa. I heard the food there was real fancy alrite, now I know. Must hav been quite pricey.=). Nice blog btw.

  7. yeah, need to budget at least 200 ringgit for a satisfactory dinner with wine.
    thanks for dropping by. :D

  8. Sean, do you know roughly how much for full course for 2 pax? I'm planning to go there with my gf. Any rough figure i should prepare for food + wine. Thanks in advance

  9. hey raymond, it really depends on what you order. definitely no less than RM 200 per person, but to be safe, i'd say prepare at least RM 300 per person. hope you have a great dinner!