Eat Drink KL: Il Divo @ Terrace Hock Choon

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Il Divo @ Terrace Hock Choon

Il Divo has moved to the Terrace @ Hock Choon, a new dining enclave within a two-storey bungalow in Ampang that should receive loads of hype in the coming months.

There was a reasonable crowd for Il Divo's first day this week. It's the second restaurant to open at Terrace, five days after Fukuharu (to be reviewed soon!). There'll be other outlets offering Chinese and German cuisine, as well as wine and coffee poolside bars, by September.

The new Il Divo looks a lot better than the old one at Desa Sri Hartamas. The menu seems to have been revamped and is more compact.

Rigatoni with duck in a raspberry sauce. The sauce lent a sweet flavour to this pasta, making it a unique experiment that was addictively tasty.

Risotto with parmesan cheese, white truffle oil and black truffle shavings. Too much salt overwhelmed the truffle's subtle influence. Nicely al dente though.

Penne with salmon in vodka sauce. Mediocre. But since this was the outlet's inaugural evening, we'll forgive them for possible teething problems and make a return trip soon.

Chianti Classico house wine. Very reasonably priced at RM 14 per glass.

Il Divo,
Terrace @ Hock Choon,
Lorong Nibong, Off Jalan Ampang.
Tel: 2145-4108.


  1. i read about this place on jules site! excellent shots btw. wow, u really eat at some high end places huh (read back on your blog). do you not like street food?

  2. tnx very much for stopping by, cumi. i still have a lot to learn about taking better pics of food though. and actually, i do like street food! char kuey teow and nasi kandar are high on my all-time top 10 favorite foods. but usually after work, i just need to relax and have dinner at a more comfortable, air-conditioned place. :D

  3. You mean they're no longer at Hartamas? Why did they have to move so far away for! My visit got delayed one too many times - now I'll have to cross the great city-suburbia divide for the duck rigatoni!

  4. see lah, procrastinate some more! but hopefully this will be greener pastures for them. but yeah, getting here in the evening can be pretty painful cos of the jln ampang traffic, even for those of us working in the city.

  5. fair enough la.. and don't be crazy - ur shots r really good!

  6. wah truffle risotto! how much did this baby cost u?

  7. joe: surprisingly, only RM 35! but i think the black truffle shavings were a bonus, cos only the truffle oil was mentioned in the menu listing.

  8. after flw'ing yr blog for sometime, i have actually labeled yr blog "posh plc only - to check out when wanna to go med-high end dining" in my mind!


  9. And ciki asked the Q tht I been meaning to ask for a long time.. hehe..

  10. lol.. see? don't ask don't know:P

  11. nomad: aiyo, ok lah, i must take photos more often whenever i'm at the mamak stalls...
    cumi: yeah, don't be shy! :D