Thursday, May 28, 2009

7atenine @ The Ascott, Jalan Pinang

Click here for previous review of 7atenine (May 13).

Organic beef sashimi with pecorino cheese shavings, olive oil, marinated Spanish onions and pasilla chilli powder. Terrific; the sashimi was smooth, subtly flavoured and went really well with everything else on the platter.

Thirty-six-hour braised chilli con carne with edamame beans and corn bread. A slight letdown; it was OK but tasted like ordinary chilli con carne.

Chilean seabass topped with coriander pesto accompanied with spicy tomato jam and zucchini puree. Can't go wrong with Chilean seabass. The puree was interesting _ smoother, softer and creamier than mashed potatoes.

Foie gras burger with 120-day grainfed beef, melted onion and purple potato chips scented with truffle oil. Utterly decadent, but would have been better if the beef had been medium-rare instead of well-done.

The 7 Island (gin, rum, tequila, vodka, f&n strawberry) and St Dafoe Ginger (sparkling wine, ginger marmalade, mandarin vodka).

The Ascott, Jalan Pinang.
Tel: 2162-7789


  1. AnonymousMay 28, 2009

    your recent entries evoke nostalgia... eventhough it's not been that long ago. A lifetime ago.

    viet cong

  2. a life that one can still return to ... or not. but things do feel different these days.

  3. Wooohooo...dinner tonight...i like their avocado crab...

  4. heh, yeah, that's one of the all-time greatest!

  5. how much was that platter of beef carpaccio?

  6. gosh, i'm terrible at remembering prices. errrmm, i think between RM20-30?

  7. ya the chili con carne was a total letdown

  8. particularly since it was labelled as a signature dish....

  9. short and sweet posts.
    the setting reminds me of Santini @ Jaya One.

  10. thanks! yeah, it's got a similar laidback, chill-out vibe...