Sunday, February 1, 2009


One of KL's most reliable Italian outlets. For that, we can thank chef Andrea, manager Carol and some of the city's friendliest restaurant staff members.

There's a comfortingly familiar routine at the start of every meal here. First up, always the thickly sliced bread with a dip of sundried tomatoes in olive oil.

Pumpkin tortelli with butter sage sauce and bacon. The sauce was a bit too oily, but we liked the pasta's subtly sweet, melt-in-your-mouth pumpkin filling. Lots of sinfully fatty bacon bits added to the cholesterol count.

Bucatini with pork cheek guanciale and onions in tomato sauce a la amatriciani. Apparently a classic Italian favorite from a town named Amatrice. Probably wouldn't order this again though, since I'm not a big fan of tomato-based sauces.

A new item on the menu, the deep-fried breaded rice ball (Sicilian-style arancini) was addictively laden with gooey cheese inside.

The chocolate salami with almond iced souffle was a not-too-sugary treat.

The tiramisu seemed to lack an alcoholic kick, so it's a good thing that we ordered plenty of booze.

Jln Bedara.
Tel: 2144-8006


  1. yesss !!! I adore this place !!! and carol is just sooo friendly ...

    I am very mean wan .. I START wid the cheese platter .. lollll


  2. yeah, but i'm always tongue-tied when she comes over to ask us how the food is ... i just say, good, good... =)
    i've never tried their cheese platter before ... we usually just stuff ourselves with pasta ... sigh, all those carbs ... and unlike you, i don't work out...