Eat Drink KL: Tryst & Cosans Coffee @ SS15 Subang

Monday, January 20, 2014

Tryst & Cosans Coffee @ SS15 Subang

Checking out a couple of Subang's new caffeine bars that are stirring up buzz in contrasting styles: Tryst, the Tarantino-infatuated, low-budget epitome of an edgier hipster's hangout ...

... & Cosans, a more deep-pocketed coffee house that strives for soothing slickness in a calculated, crowd-pleasing fashion.

First up, Tryst, which feels free-spirited & funky, like something someone might stumble on behind Subang's darkest alley.

Tryst's patrons love the pancakes, paired with choices like chili con carne (or have 'em with chocolate, bananas or peanut butter)  ...

... plus well-prepared, tangy-meaty spaghetti that clocks in at RM12, one of this neighbourhood's most fairly priced plates.

Come in, the coffee's fine; the cold drip variety is the ideal antidote to the heat of the night.

Beans hail from Costa Rica, Honduras, Brazil & Sumatra, coming together to create a likeable latte.

Note the notes: High praise from real customers.

All in all, Tryst is nice, welcoming set-up; its location is a little inconvenient due to constantly crowded street parking, but it's worth a visit for people who live, study or work nearby.

Next up, Cosans, a place that's beautifully & irresistibly built for photo-snapping & potential franchising.

Comfy & invitingly spacious, with a service team that's earning solid praise for friendliness.

Sandwiches comprise the crux of Cosans' food menu, served hot & stuffed with the likes of smoked duck, melted mozzarella, confit tomatoes & arugula (RM15).

Cosans, an F&B subsidiary of the BIG IDEAS Branding Group (not to be mistaken for The BIG Group, despite the similar name), also boasts own-roasted coffee blends that taste impressive.

Equerre's best for espressos, a rich, complex combo of Brazilian, Colombian, Guatemalan & Sumatran Mandheling produce.

The Carreau blend comprises Brazilian, Papua New Guinea, Ugandan, Tanzanian & Costa Rican beans. Sure, a latte's not the route to explore the nuances of a coffee blend, but the strong-tasting milk in this makes it even trickier. Order it black instead.

Cosans' signature tea: Jasmine scented with rose oil. Evokes fragrances & flavours from talcum powder to Turkish Delights.

No shortage of beverages to contemplate: Dark chocolate with milk & Earl Grey. All in all, Cosans has its allure; considering the expertise that's been channelled into this place, it could become a bona fide hit.

74, Jalan SS15/4C, Subang Jaya
Open 10-1am daily, except Tuesdays, when business begins 6pm

Cosans Coffee
30, Jalan SS15/4, Subang Jaya
Tel: 03-5612-9600

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