Eat Drink KL: BreadFruits Cafe @ Desa Sri Hartamas

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

BreadFruits Cafe @ Desa Sri Hartamas

A labor of love, BreadFruits is one of our best bets for brunch in Hartamas.

Cafe owner Kah Kwan strives to serve satisfying favorites with healthy twists that range from Bukit Tinggi free-range eggs to steamed cannellini beans that replace canned baked beans.

Fried egg & pork bacon sound like components of a sinful plate, but combined on ciabatta with arugula on top & guacamole at the bottom (RM16.80+), this tastes like well-balanced nutrition.

Brunch is served 9am-5pm daily; the cafe continues to offer beverages through 9pm, with a dinner menu expected to be available eventually.

Even the 'brunch pasta' (RM16.80+) defies expectations, whipped up in a light but luscious carbonara sauce with pork bacon, sauteed mushrooms, rocket leaves ...

... & a creamy seven-minute-cooked egg that all turn this into a slick, slurp-worthy affair.

BreadFruits indeed: French Toast (RM18+) gets a twist too, with ripe roasted bananas, bacon ...

... & the cafe's one-of-a-kind wild honey spread mixed thickly with passion fruit.

Malaysian wild honey is sold here, featuring pure, unprocessed nectar extracted from jungle hives. One or two bottles, not for sale, are being aged for several years, resulting in a potent intensity of flavor nearly comparable to wine.

Try the wild honey blended with Indian pomegranate & passion fruit (RM15) for fine refreshment.

Or have the honey mixed with coffee & steamed milk for a unique latte (RM6.80+).

The fruits section of BreadFruits is worth inspecting too, comprising the likes of Argentinean tangerines & South African apples.

Numerous juices are available for energizing & detoxification, with ingredients that range from beetroot to bananas, strawberries to celery.

Heaps of natural sunlight, plenty of positive vibes; a most welcome entry to this neighborhood.

17, Jalan 26/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-6201-0090