Eat Drink KL: Opulent Jade Garden @ Puchong

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Opulent Jade Garden @ Puchong

This outlet's name seems a little too lavish; it's a simple spot, bright, clean & fairly friendly.

Commence with creamy comfort food: fried fish fillets with curry leaves in butter sauce. 

More golden goodness: salted-egg-yolk squid, the surefire crowd-puller.

Bean curd with egg white & crab meat. Thickly savory; a smidgen less salt might work better. 

Hawaiian pork ribs, perfectly presented in pineapples. Meat tastes OK, but texture's too tough.

Claypot chicken with rice wine. There's something sorta foul about this fowl. Not fresh enough?

Stir-fried leeks with chubby chunks of Chinese sausage. Too bad it's all rather oily. 

Belacan fried rice, subtle in its flavor of shrimp paste. Wei, where's our wok hei?

Worthwhile: Glass noodles, generously strewn with squid & shrimp. Total meal cost: RM200.

Opulent Jade Garden,
Jalan Puteri 2/4, Puchong.