Eat Drink KL: Huck's Cafe @ Bangsar

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Huck's Cafe @ Bangsar

For those of us who haven't been back to Huck's Cafe in many months, now's the time to return, since Huck has been cooking up imaginative new creations.

Huck traveled this past summer to Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands; his vacation inspired him to come back and make this creamy cauliflower soup topped with dark wholemeal rye bread, a reminder of a similar recipe at a restaurant in Helsingborg.

Huck brought two bags of risoni home with him from Sweden; he hasn't been able to find this lighter-than-pasta, rice-shaped macaroni for sale anywhere in KL, so anyone who can help him will gain the gratitude of both Huck and his customers.

The risoni pairs perfectly with four-hour-roasted duck and a complex mix of smoked turkey ham, goat's cheese, mushrooms and tomatoes. Lots of flavors on one plate, contrasting clearly with each other but in a surprisingly complementary fashion.

Other entries in Huck's 2012 repertoire: a Jolly Salmon pie, complete with fish tail.

Kinda like a pescetarian version of shepherd's pie, this features super-succulent chunks of salmon buried with leeks, carrots, celery and onions beneath mashed potatoes, laced with cheese, nutmeg, rosemary, mustard and lemon. Top-notch.

Yam puffs, brilliantly soft and buttery, with pine nuts for extra bite.

'Rolling In The Drip' _ beef steaks wrapped around cheese and mushrooms. Meaty and savory, this might have hardcore carnivores rolling with glee.

It's impossible to decide what to order here: the chicken mushroom pie might sound ordinary, but it's lovingly crafted in a huge bowl, packed with tender thigh meat, button and oyster mushrooms, chili and kaffir leaves, sealed with lemon butter pastry. Homemade rarely gets better than this.

Durian-chocolate cake and berry ice cream supply the sweet finish to a sterling feast.

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Huck's Cafe,
22, Jalan Abdullah, Off Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.