Eat Drink KL: Ichiro Sushi Bar

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ichiro Sushi Bar

Part Three of the Isetan 1U Eat Paradise expedition, this time checking out the sushi bar.

Ichiro is the place to relish raw seafood; start with the chutoro (medium-fatty tuna belly), with five thick, tender and terrifically tasty slices for RM42++.

Inimitable uni sushi, topped with luscious, sweet-savory sea urchin (RM15++ per piece).

Hiramasa carpaccio (RM30++). Prices might seem slightly steep for a shopping mall, but every cut here is a cut above, matching the caliber of five-star hotel outlets.

Sea eel sushi (RM9++ per piece). With several Japanese dudes doing the dicing behind the bar, there's no complaining about the food, but service at the tables is also commendably efficient.

Natto-and-squid sushi (RM7++ per piece), an interesting pairing that works incredibly well.

Signature Ichiroll (RM35++), a whopper stuffed with more seafood than rice. Fillings include a fulfilling mix of tuna, anago, prawns, kanpyo, crab stick, cucumber, egg, shiitake and lettuce.

Alas, alcohol is absent here (well, except for beer), so give us green tea instead, hot and cold.

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Ichiro Sushi Bar,
Level Two, Isetan 1 Utama, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya.