Eat Drink KL: Ten @ Solaris Dutamas

Monday, October 10, 2011

Ten @ Solaris Dutamas

One of KL's most impressive new Japanese restaurants this year, Ten is the heavenly spin-off from an award-winning Australian establishment of the same name on the Gold Coast.

The food here shines from the start: a lip-smacking amuse bouche of Aussie Wagyu beef rolls with mascarpone cheese. Our sole complaint: the outlet is hidden in the most secluded corner of Solaris Dutamas, behind Publika mall.

Nevertheless, the sushi platter alone is worth the effort of heading here. Spectacular stuff, scoring almost a perfect 10 in our book (even pipping Hanare by a bit). Fifteen top-tier varieties, topped with supremely fresh, luscious seafood.

Creative recipes dot the menu. The Tokyo Duck brings a playful twist to Peking Duck, featuring juicy breast meat on light pancakes with veggies & miso paste.

Squid stuffed with rice & veggies, served with sticky bonito sauce. Soul food at its tastiest.

More Wagyu beef, in the form of a medium-rare steak. 120 grams of high-grade goodness.

Tempura platter. Some name-dropping: Ten's executive chef is Hiroshi Miura & its sushi-specialist chef is Atsushi Nishibuchi (how fitting for a sushi chef to have 'sushi' in his name!). And how fitting too to post this entry on Ten on Oct. 10.

Cocktails are available, whipped up by a bartender from Tokyo. Simple but satisfying mixes: vodka, soda & passion fruit, alongside gin, soda & lemon.

Something more Japanese: Kubota "25th-anniversary edition" sake.

Choya umeshu plum liquor, to finish on a sweet note.

Ten Japanese Fine Dining,
D5-G3-5, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.