Eat Drink KL: Go Gourmet

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Go Gourmet

Go Gourmet: Round Two. Earlier entry: Nov. 4, 2010.

This food delivery service provides plenty of meat to placate carnivorous cravings. For beef-eaters, recommendations include this toasted brown multi-grain sandwich with salted beef, mustard & gherkins. A savory treat, hearty enough for two to share.

Surprise! Pork is available too. Go Gourmet has its own kitchen that whips up its food, but it also offers a small selection from Bangsar's El Meson. The non-halal items are placed in separate bags during delivery _ so non-Muslim customers can enjoy this "Ultimate Pork Burger," featuring a thick, juicy patty sinfully topped with cheese, bacon, mushrooms & caramelized onions.

Lamb steals the spotlight in the Thai massaman curry, a rich but rather oily creation packed with not-too-chewy meat, peanuts & potatoes.

Fowl isn't forgotten. The Chicken Diane is a competently executed version of this classic Western recipe, featuring a thick chunk of chicken breast, pan-fried and topped with mushroom-&-asparagus cream. Kids will probably adore this (though they might ignore all the veggies).

Don't denigrate the duck: this duck rilette linguine with garlic confit & chili was a perfectly prepared Italian pleasure, al dente and all.

Go Gourmet's forte is promptness, with food always arriving within an hour. Can't accuse them of working at a snail's pace, though they do serve escargot. Meaty ones, submerged in an unfortunately cloying cream sauce.

Fans of seafood will find much to savor. For fish, the Madras curry of Spanish mackerel, okra & tomatoes is similar to what an South Indian outlet might concoct.

Michel Chapoutier Domaine Bila-Haut, bought from

Go Gourmet,
Kuala Lumpur.