Eat Drink KL: Sanuki Udon

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sanuki Udon

First food post ever for Taman Desa. Amazing, right?

Curry udon, topped with three wonderfully runny eggs. Comfort food for a chilly evening.

Another three-yolk fiesta: tsuke men, or dipping noodles (the cold noodles are meant to be dipped into the hot veggie soup before being eaten _ something we didn't realize until checking it out on Wikipedia later!). Served with wakame and prawn & veggie tempura.

One of us played it safe with a healthy choice _ the wakame udon, with only a single egg.

The yakitori was beyond reproach. An assortment of chicken leg meat, skin, gizzard, liver & bishop's nose _ all of which were succulent and smoky.

A bottle of sake, just for the sake of it. Wait, make that TWO bottles.

Sanuki Udon,
Jalan Bukit Desa 5, Taman Bukit Desa.


  1. Eh! U havent posted on Sanuki before?
    Which reminds me..I havent either! ;p

    3 eggs??? I didnt c that one on the menu!

  2. wow chicken innards for yakitori! sounds like yums to me!

  3. tng: heheh, u can order as many eggs as u want, and they'll put it in. i asked for three, but i bet they'd make it six if requested :D
    michelle: i lurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrve chicken liver!

  4. i was about to say no alcohol for this post while scrolling thru the multi egg noodles but looks like they serve sake too haha.

  5. joe: yeps, if an outlet serves alcohol, i gotta order it! well, except for beer :D

  6. @choi yen: 3 eggs too much? Sean had 3 eggs x 2 = 6 eggs by the end of the evening! :P

    @Sean: Am amazed you made it to Taman Desa after all. Now you know why Devil & I live here, right? Oodles of udon and runny eggs. ;)

  7. wah congratulations on your 1st food post on Taman Desa! More to come?

  8. Choi yen: not enough for egg lovers, heheh!
    Lfb: but that means if sanuki moves to ampang, u might be forced to consider moving there too!
    Eiling: probably not for some time! Unless we can think of other outlets here to eat and drink :D

  9. I work near Ampang lah. Don't have to move. :P

  10. lfb: i've been away too long! my sense of geography about kl has faded!