Thursday, July 8, 2010

Il Lido @ Yap Kwan Seng, Kuala Lumpur

Il Lido's second-floor rooftop lounge is finally open _ not lofty enough to provide a bird's-eye view of KL's skyline, but still strategically positioned to form a striking backdrop to the city center's most familiar buildings.

It's a spacious, laid-back spot, offering hearty bar food and heady cocktails.

Emiliana bruschetta, topped with goose liver & shallot compote. Velvety foie gras terrine with crisp, fresh-tasting bread. What's not to love, right?

Venetian bruschetta (cod fish & potato mousse). The thick, creamy toppings on this one propelled it into the ranks of the top 10 bruschetta recipes we've ever tasted.

Classic bruschetta (vine-ripened tomatoes, garlic, basil). Not bad, but pretty basic.

Sardinian bruschetta (pork & BBQ sauce). Recommended for toothless carnivores, who'll adore how the meat is turned into melt-in-the-mouth mousse.

Genoese bruschetta (black olive tapenade & zucchini). Order if you have a tolerance for salt. Might have enjoyed this more if we weren't all bruschettaed out by this point.

Vegetable "spiedini" (Sicilian grilled skewer). Mildly spicy; terrific for snacking. Chicken, prawn and beef tenderloin skewers are also available.

White anchovy & black olive pizza. Also a high-sodium recipe, with a very fishy flavor from the soft, slippery anchovies. Interesting change from the typical pizza toppings.

Potent cocktails: ilLidotini (smirnoff orange, red vermouth) & Mojito.

Mimosa (prosecco, orange) & strawberry daiquiri.

Top Hill & Pina Colada.
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il Lido,
Jalan Mayang, Off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. That's waaaayyy too much bruschetta :P Emiliana and Venetian varieties are the more appetizing looking ones i guess. And they would make fabulous accompaniment to all the cocktails. Particularly love the ilLidotini (lovely orange shade) and the Mimosa (classic champagne cocktail). am guessing the damage came up to about RM300?

  2. it all sounds very saltish!

    yes thats a whole load of bruschettas u have there..

    so its a whole diff menu upstairs?

  3. view from high above KL's skies are over-done. Love the mid level view of the skyscrappers.

    That's a whole lot of bruchettas!

  4. Oh my gosh, if this is what I think you ate before meeting me for dinner recently, I'm shocked that you succeeded in matching me in my first meal! That's way too much bread, man!

  5. elrond: wah, your estimate is nearly spot-on, plus or minus 10 ringgit! i'm impressed!!! and yeah, i'd agree with everything u said about the food and drinks too. those first two bruschettas were the creamiest and tastiest :D
    joe: yep, the food menu upstairs is only two pages long, with bruschetta, pizza, skewers and deep-fried items (calamari, crab cakes, etc). everything that can be eaten with fingers! :D
    qwazymonkey: oh yeah, i remember discussing this with someone earlier this year ... that sometimes, it's more impressive to look at tall landmarks when u're standing closer to the ground, because then they really tower over you!
    lemongrass: actually, it could have been something else that i ate, of an even larger quantity! anyways, my friend and i managed to finish all the bruschetta here, so none of it went to waste! though he did look unusually bloated after that :D

  6. hardkor appetite you.. where does it all go? im gonna call u mr hollow legs from now on! bow bow.. :P

  7. OMG you're there again! u're a hardcore il lido fan.

  8. WAH!! so many bruschettas?? Must have been full just eating those alone :P
    you must have loved Il Lido very much huh??? This is your how-many-times-visit again???

  9. ciki: it all goes to the hips? :D alas, my trusty metabolism is slowing down already, so my appetite will have to slow down too!
    eiling: my favorite new restaurant so far this year! =)
    augustdiners: they pack a strong punch!
    leo: heheh, it's my fifth entry ... and it probably won't be my last :D

  10. Bruschetta & plenty of beverages = pretty much perfection for an evening meal for me! :-D

  11. min: yep, the perfect way to cap a hard day at work! thank heaven for places like this!

  12. Holy Crapelini! That's a whole load of beautiful alcohol and grub to delay the absorption of alcohol as well! Those guys at Il Lido must love you to bits ;-). Evenings with the sinking sun and the glow of the buildings nearby must have been magical.

  13. android: i feel the love, i truly do! :D yep, it's actually nice to arrive here before 7pm, and then admire the view as the sky slowly turns black and the buildings turn bright...

  14. Oh dash you! You went again? However will I catch up with you? :P

  15. lfb: ... said the tortoise to the rabbit :D

  16. Woohooo!
    I love this plc too! Been here twice. If only it's not so far! And them not open on Sun makes it ahrder for me.
    Anyways, i'm draggin unka here again on Sat ;)
    My 1st avail Sat for months. LOL.

    Heck, you mean u hv a fren who can eat as much bread as that??
    Damn, I thot I'm the "exclusively only one" ;(


  17. Dragged kicking and screaming by a wackybecky :P Will let my tastebuds be the judge tomorrow night..but I am easy to please ;)

    @wackybecky : chis! you 2-timing me ar with Sean? Grrr!

  18. Tng: hope the weather is fine tmrw nite, so u can kick back at the lounge and nibble on bruschetta! Heh, i think I finished most of the bruschetta here ... But u're definitely still número uno among all my friends who are bread fans :D
    Unka: I'm even easier to please! But maybe after u've eaten here, u'll be the one who drags her here the next time, heh. and I do suspect she's having a torrid affair ... With bread ... But I guess u know that too :D

  19. *LOL at the comments above*