Thursday, July 22, 2010

Yokozuna @ Fraser Place

This somewhat sterile-looking outlet serves basic Japanese fare.

Seafood udon. Loaded with fish, squid, prawns, mussels & even a scallop or two, but somehow, that couldn't save this from being a bland bowl of noodles that we could barely finish.

Tempura-battered Canadian sergeant-fish. The batter was excessively thick, while the fish was meaty but seemed too dry to suit this method of preparation.

Grilled cobia, drowned in an unappealingly cheesy sauce that would undermine this even if the fish had been fresher and juicier.

The sashimi and sushi constitute the best deal. Not prepared on order (instead, these are offered on a counter, supermarket-style), but they cost only RM3 and RM2 per plate respectively.

Taste-wise, very similar to Sushi King and other popular franchises...

... but since prices are even cheaper, these light bites are the key reason to head here. Also ideal for customers who want to avoid waiting for their food.

Fraser Place, Jalan Perak, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. I'm confused about the concept. So basically, you pick whatever you want from the chiller (with the exception of the udon, perhaps) and then take it to your table? I guess they have bento sets etc, eh? Jap fast food for office workers, at the best, I guess...which isn't a bad thing.

  2. very average leh? poor sean.. wasted ur tastebuds on this :P

  3. Can a meal get any shade more pale than this? Where is this Jalan Perak place you keep visiting? I need to Google map this properly.

  4. sterile looking... haha indeed a new vocab for me in describing the place. wonders if this place can survive.

  5. Yokozuna?? It made me think of sumo champion :P
    Now Fraser's Park is your fav haunt?? LOL!! Pretty sure you'd try every restaurant that open here

  6. lemongrass: oh, actually everything is cooked on order EXCEPT the sashimi and sushi. i think bento sets are available, but those are prepared on order too :D
    ciki: yeps, here's to better japanese next time! =)
    min: ahhh, i lack any ability to provide clear instructions, but ermm, this is kinda parallel to jalan pinang (near klcc)...
    eiling: they should do well with the lunch crowd, since it's an office area. and prices are very reasonable :D
    leo: haha, i thought of yoko ono, john's lennon's. but anyways, too bad there are only two restaurants in this building, so my mission has been completed =)

  7. Oh dear. Seems like a waste of calories! :(
    (and that cheese looks like bright yellow rubber! Haha...)

  8. The ebi roe's colours are scary

  9. j: rubbery! yeah, it was ... more suited to go with pizza than fish :D
    michelle: eye-catching! that's probably why we chose it =)

  10. Sean, do you know where can taste nice Creme Brulee except Giovino Jalan Changkat?

  11. Nicholas: the hotel restaurants tend to do it best, though they're a bit pricier ... Mandarin grill at mandarin oriental, third floor at jw Marriott and cilantro at micasa...