Sunday, July 4, 2010

798 Sports Bar @ Imbi

This place seems almost as dimly lit as a train tunnel, but its saving grace is that the piped music isn't deafeningly loud. Still, it might be a long time before we return.

Seven-ounce Aussie grain-fed beef burger. Some parts of the patty were terribly gamy and nearly as tough as old leather (yes, I actually have tasted old leather during my wayward youth, but that's a tale for another time).

Guinness-battered fish & chips. The fish was a bit too soggy, but thankfully, not oily. More consolation: portions were hearty and prices weren't outrageous.

Orangeade & Sicilian Kiss cocktails.
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798 Sports & Wine Bar,
Jalan Delima, Off Jalan Imbi.
Tel: 2141-1798
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  1. Joe: it's actually part of the tai thong group! just like santini and royal Thai...

  2. looks like a good place for some worldcup action! just lost RM100 on Argentina. ARgghhhh

  3. Eiling: yikes! Hopefully u'll make the money back during the semis or finals!

  4. Just had bad burgers yest! Urghh..patties look simple to make but gettin the texture right, the ability to hold toge while it's cooked, composition of meat + flour etc, taste..well..I guess our humble burger is a culinary challenge aft all.

  5. the burger looks like a toy burger! kinda too shiny and perfect to be real:P

  6. tng: the bad burgers probably outnumber the good ones in kl! although the worst one i've ever had was probably a cold ramly burger that i once bought at an esso station :D
    ciki: heheh, it might as well have been a toy burger, since it was inedible! :D

  7. Oh dear. Yuck! (re leathery burger)

    hmmm sounds like an interesting story. Do share please (re. Tasting old leather in your wayward youth)

  8. j: yep, that was possibly the least inspiring burger i've tasted this year. as for that old leather story, will tell u in person sometime :D

  9. eeww...BK could produce a more appetizing burger than the one in 798. And what's this about tasting old leather?? Hmmm... :P time to put into practise the saying "in vino, veritas" ;)

  10. Elrond: I actually like BK's burgers (used to eat whoppers all the time!), so I agree. And well, u'll have to feed me some wine first to get me to tell the whole truth :D