Saturday, July 10, 2010

La Bodega @ Pavilion

We often take La Bodega for granted, but it's nonetheless a lively, comfortable hangout.

Green & black olives marinated in paprika & almonds. There seemed to be enough sodium in this to keep a Chinese restaurant kitchen humming all night long. But such is the nature of olives, so we can't really complain.

Piquillo peppers stuffed with minced beef in creamy carrot sauce. Gunky & salty, but its saving grace was its melt-in-the-mouth, comfort foodish texture.

Tortilla Espanola. Soft, chunky slices of Spanish omelet, stuffed with potatoes & onions. Tasted freshly made, despite being served cold (as it should be).

Salpicon de mariscos (seafood salad). An OK mix of prawns, squid & mussels.

Gazpacho rojo de Sevilla (Andalusian soup with tomatoes, red peppers, onion, croutons, garlic, cayenne pepper & sherry vinegar). Alas, we still can't fathom the charms of cold soup (maybe we would on a sweltering afternoon).

The paella was a savory pleasure, brimming with crab meat and peas.

Black olive pate. Also very salty, but perfectly fine for dipping with bread.

Fideau, a recipe from Gandia in eastern Spain. Angel hair pasta cooked as a paella with baby octopus, chicken & green peas. Extremely tomatoey.

Fish Hoek Pinotage Rose (South Africa).

My Skin (42Below feijoa, melon liquor, cucumber, lime, monin lavender syrup) & 42 Soto (42Below passion fruit, ponche soto, passion fruit puree, soda).

Angelina (bailey's cream, kahlua, frangelico, creme de cacao, honey) & Crema Pink (absolut vodka, banana liqueur, strawberry cream, banana).

Vina Brava Rosado - Carinena, Garnacha Tinta (Torres, 2008, Catalunya) & Vina Brava Tinto. Excellent Spanish wines by the glasses are served here.

House sangria (red wine, dark rum, orange liqueur, orange juice & lemonade).

Past entries on La Bodega: Telawi, Feb. 15, 2009 & BSC, Dec. 18, 2009.

La Bodega,
Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.

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  1. True that... we do take La Bodega for granted - it's become a bit of a blind spot, that one. Remember the gusto we welcomed the Telawi outlet almost, what, a decade ago?

  2. Min: gosh, I can't even recall life before la bodega anymore! I assume most of us would outlive the restaurant though, so it'll be a sad day when the doors of the last la bodega closes permanently!

  3. I like the fried goat cheese and honey there!

  4. OMG i'm freaking jealous of you..have wanted to try the paella in La Bod but either lack of makan kaki or time has caused this dish to elude my tastebuds so far. Paella + Sangria = nice relaxing afternoon. (hint - siesta time :P )
    Didn't try the rioja wines?

  5. eiling: oh ya, tha's a good combo! savory AND sweet :D
    elrond: well, i love paella, so i'm always game for it if u want some. though yeah, preferably during dinnertime, to avoid that post-lunch lethargy, heh :D hmmmm, looks like we ended up ordering ever other kind of booze except for that!

  6. Looks like there are some new items there! ;p

    La Bdega got to catch up ;) with so many Spanish inspired outlets now , Bar Madrid, El Meson (esp this one) & with some servin pork as well..


  7. rebecca: yeah, the good thing about la bodega is that they do update their menu regularly, so there's always new stuff to try ... but u're right: between la bodega and el meson, i'd pick the latter if i'm eating at telawi :D

  8. Interesting that the pictures look like they were taken on two different occasions, hor? :-P (unless you were there from day to night?)

  9. lemongrass: perhaps this post might be more appropriately titled 'the la bodega compendium!' but alas, i have no reward to offer eagle-eyed readers :D