Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Serena Brasserie @ Nikko

Serena Brasserie looks mighty spiffy following its refurbishment.

Even if you're not a fan of buffets, the a la carte selection here is worth investigating.

Pumpkin & basil soup. Creamy comfort food. Mopped up every drop with the bread.

Mushroom soup. Many notches above Campbell's version, thanks to hearty chunks of robust-tasting mushrooms and the potent scent of thyme & truffle oil.

Rillette of duck confit with tomato & caramelized onions. The meat was tender enough, while the recipe tasted rather Chinese, like a homemade herbal stew.

Open ravioli of tiger prawns with asparagus veloute. Break the poached quail eggs for a geyser of sinful cholesterol that perfectly partners the saffron-tinged pasta.

B&B Empire (cognac, dom benedictine, orange juice, red wine) & Kir (creme de cassis, white wine). Full-bodied booze to keep our spirits up.

Serena Brasserie,
Nikko Hotel.


  1. had been training at there before, the foods are not bad, especially the crab bisque :D

    The Sous Chef also very skillful, taught me lot things XD

  2. ah nikko! longtime no visit liao ;P

  3. Ohh..i can imagine the geyser of eggy yolks over the open ravioli..
    The only plc I can think of visiting here is Benkay but u know i love Jap ;o)
    (only good Jap mind u) but now I got another to consider! Yay!

  4. By now, you can do a thesis on pumpkin soup.

  5. fui: didn't notice the crab bisque on the menu, but will remember to try it next time, thanks! :D
    ciki: nikko probably misses u too! =)
    tng: actually the chinese restaurant here is not too bad either. not the best hotel chinese outlet, but still decent :D
    lemongrass: i shall consider it, since i already have a phD in lentil soup =)

  6. this place does look nice. But honestly i haven't tried any of the eating outlets in Nikko before.