Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tang Palace @ Dynasty Hotel

Its glory days are gone, but this is one of those Chinese restaurants that keep soldiering on. Service is reasonably warm and efficient.

The monthly promos here are worthwhile; check out July's eat-all-you-can for RM48.80++ per person (for bills paid by credit card; otherwise, it's RM68.80++). Dishes are cooked on order, but they're not as good as what's on the regular menu.

Salmon sashimi. Not as luscious as what Japanese outlets might serve. But since so many of us adore sashimi, there's no harm in offering this here.

Braised (fake) shark fin soup with crab roe. Sounded fine on paper, but tasted disappointing in reality. Could have been creamier and richer.

Salad prawns. Decent, though the prawns weren't all that juicy.

Century egg with jellyfish. Kinda tasted a day past its expiry date.

Chilled sliced abalone. Not bad, as far as canned abalone goes.

Steamed cod fish with black fungus. Should have been fresher.

Roast duck. Bony, but the skin was crisp and the meat was flavorsome enough.

Fried tiger prawns, Cantonese-style. What's Cantonese-style? Spicy, apparently.

Char siew. Had a strangely gamy taste. Also a tad too tough.

BBQ suckling pig. Our favorite for that night, thanks to its delightfully crisp skin.

Braised sea cucumber with bean curd. Definitely not top-notch sea cucumber.

Tiger prawns with Marmite sauce, which drowned out the prawns' natural sweetness.

Fried scallops with celery & capsicum. Something relatively healthy, for a change.

Braised sliced "jade abalone" with mushrooms. Chinese restaurant menus are often filled with forgettable items. Alas, this was one of those.

Braised fish stomach with black mushrooms. Might have been overly laced with MSG. Otherwise, could have passed off for a nice home-cooked recipe.

Chilled sago with sweet corn cream. Too watery to recommend.

Tang Palace,
Dynasty Hotel.


  1. I smell disappointment here...

  2. michelle: alas, u might taste disappointment too, with some of these dishes...

  3. Oh dear, you didnt sound too happy with most of the dishes! But then, usually such promos don't provide very good quality, since the price they charge is pretty cheap, hehe!

  4. pureglutton: heh, yeah, for that price, i definitely shouldn't complain. but for a really satisfying meal, it would be best to stick to the regular a la carte menu :D

  5. What?? You expect top notch food for just RM48.80+???

  6. leo: heheh, yeah, i guess that's not possible. all in all, we got what we paid for, i guess :D

  7. Oh, actually i expect top notch food fr the price i pay for food. and RM 48.80++ is aint beggar's budget.
    anyhow, I can see why ur not that fond of chinese food, LOL, I cant detect the misery from yr blog page!

  8. Tng: oh ya, but I suppose I paid for quantity and not exactly quality here, heh. Ya, even though I don't exactly love Chinese food, it's surprising that I actually have it relatively often! :D

  9. Sighs.... another one bites the dust.

  10. Qwazymonkey: let's hope for a Phoenix-like resurrection from the ashes!

  11. wow, they actually let you know that the sharks fin is fake?!! hehe

  12. eiling: ohh, they didn't tell us ... but we could taste the difference, heh :D

  13. Thanks for the recipe!!! Love it. Fresh or frozen local abalone is cheaper but will never give the same taste, flavor and texture as canned abalone. I love the flavor and taste of canned abalone and one day I want to eat abalone like 'abalone kings' do: braised in sauce and served whole, like a steak, washed down with a good white wine. Cut with a knife and fork of course. Meantime, it's still cheaper to slice abalone thinly and share with the family. I love this dish. It's such a special treat

  14. Jane: glad to hear u enjoy it, and thanks for the feedback!

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