Monday, July 19, 2010

Prego @ The Westin in KL

It's unusual for sleepyheads like us to be out and about on a Sunday morning, but these three hours spent at Prego's champagne brunch flew by pretty painlessly.

Brunching here requires minimal effort, since waiters with trays of pasta, pizza, fish & meat stroll around to serve customers at their tables.

Alas, their eat-all-you-can offerings aren't as creative as their regular a la carte menu; the pastas comprise run-of-the-mill recipes, including spaghetti aglio olio & penne arrabiata, while the pizzas seem limp and soggy.

There are still several hits to be savored, such as the piping-hot potato soup...

... but the misses include unappetizingly cold poached eggs.

Don't dismiss the meat; the lamb cutlets, beef ribs & beef cheeks are succulent and flavorsome (but they make few appearances compared to the baked dory).

There's also a buffet counter spread with the usual oysters & shellfish.

The antipasti selection is worth browsing. Liked the pumpkin & baked onion.

Brave the heat to venture outside for grilled meat & seafood at the courtyard.

Pile a plate with lamb, roast beef & squid, then share the bounty at your table.

Desserts include Italian pastries, cakes and fruits. No complaints there.

A small selection of gelati constitutes the perfect end to the meal.

A free flow of Veuve Clicquot led us to temporary insanity & memory loss.

Peach Bellini.

Shooters of vodka with lime cordial.
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The Westin Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Whooaaa!! LOL. I don't doubt the memory loss after all tht!
    Guess the meats are great huh, frm the looks of it alone I'm drooling!

  2. tng: i think the champagne by itself would have been fine, but combining it with those vodka shots was too much! yeah, the meat was surprisingly good, better than the pasta and pizzas =)
    joe: almost enticing enough to make me wish that every sunday morning could be a prego brunch affair! :D

  3. Prego's ala-carte menu is nice!! Champagne brunches was initially good, but now it seems food quality is slacking somewhat. the pizza's a miss - looks so unappetizing. But, strawberries and bubblies make a good pairing :)
    Making the brunch a weekly thing would be having too much of a good thing...not to mention expensive too :P stick to moderation...

  4. I feel that the food in Prego has been going slightly downhill over the years. My experience in Prego when I was 16 and when I am 20 ( This year ) is so different.

    Still, the coffee is nice. :)

  5. Elrond: ya, I guess any eat-all-u-can deal is bound to be not as satisfying, taste-wise, as ordering from a la carte menus. So maybe the best compromise is a brunch where the champagne is free-flowing but the food is not, heheh. Yep, this was a one-off occasion to celebrate something ... Definitely not a regular affair :D
    Michelle: ooh, prego revamped their menu about a month ago, and it really is worth checking out now ... Yeah, they seem to have stagnated over the past couple of years, but they're back in form now, thankfully :D

  6. Do you recall sending out messages to friends in ur drunken stupor? *ahem*

  7. wow free flow of champagne! that's the selling point. champagne breakfast! Why you eat paul the octopus?!!

  8. lemongrass: that would be uncharacteristic of me, even while intoxicated, so i'd say nothing of that sort occurred :D
    eiling: ya, quite a few places have the champagne/prosecco brunch thing going on for sundays. usually a good deal ... and i like squid/octopus =)

  9. I tell you... the only reason that I will go for the Prego's Bubbly Sunday Brunch is for the free flow of Veuve Clicquot champagne :)

  10. leo: just make sure there's someone still sober to drive u after that! :D oh ya, btw, there isn't a 50 percent discount with the card for the sunday brunch ... i think it's only 10 or 20 percent...

  11. ooh, maybe i shall head there tmrw for lunch. :)

  12. Champagne and vodka for brunch - such pampering you had! So what's for tea and dinner eh? ;-)
    (yeah, that poached egg looked terrible!)

  13. Michelle: heh, I hope u're pleasantly surprised!
    Pureglutton: if memory serves me correctly, there were no lunch and dinner! :D