Friday, July 16, 2010

Tang Pin Kitchen @ Heritage Row

Crowd-pleasing Chinese recipes are served at Asian Heritage Row's latest outlet, but the erratic food preparation and half-hearted service require serious fine-tuning.

Fried chee cheong fun. Wasn't terrible, but lacked the "wok hei" magic that hawker stalls have mastered. Being a pork-free restaurant, Tang Pin Kitchen might be hard pressed to satisfy fans of true-blue Chinese fare.

Toast bread. Extremely ho-hum. Mediocrity is the name of the game.

Mee pok with chili paste. Might make a decent lunchtime meal, but it's more of a bland stomach-filler than something that would win raves.

Fish noodles. Also lacked flavor, though the noodles had a nice bite to them.

Springy fish balls, made with yellowtail.

Porridge. Could use a wider variety of ingredients to boost its flavor a few notches. How about some century egg? Or better still, add a sprinkling of crunchy pork lard.

Fu Chuk skin roll. Our favorite item, thanks to the fresh-tasting, piping-hot stuffing.

Black glutinous rice porridge.

Barley fu chuk.

Mung bean soup. All these three desserts are variations on a theme, right?

Hainanese tea & iced tea.

Tang Pin Kitchen,
Asian Heritage Row.


  1. They're opened in Asian Heritage row too? Wow. they're going places this House of fishball owners!

    Try the curry noodles. I like em

  2. Qwazymonkey: ya, they're really brave to venture here. But y'know, even though heritage row is just outside my office building, I don't think I'll be giving this place any more chances ... I bet the branches at PJ are better :D

  3. Poor Sean..still nary an outlet that makes stepping out for lunch worthwhile huh? ;p

  4. Tng: ya, i should just skip lunch forever! :D

  5. Hmmm... doesn't sound very promising, ya! You only approved 1-2 items out of all those.

  6. those proprietors sure have balls huh??? given the high turnover rate in this area, I'm quite surprised to see a kopitiam-alike place open here!!!
    See how they fare against the old-timer Yut Kee and the rest

  7. LOL @thule, good one on the balls!

    The Tang Pin experience is really just so-so, those fu chuk skin rolls were the only standout item :(

  8. eek.. what has happened to Asian Heritage..? hmm.. at least the tea look decent... =x

  9. pureglutton: yeah, if u're in this area, u could check it out, but otherwise, it's not really worth the effort...
    leo: heh, yut kee has nothing to worry about :D not sure how long this new place will survive, but the lunch crowd looks strong for now
    nickname: pork is what's needed here! it might make all the difference...
    augustdiners: all the really, really good restaurants at heritage row have closed, sigh!

  10. Seems a little plain... :(

  11. michelle: yeah, have to say, u'll find much better chinese food elsewhere...

  12. it doesn't sound like somewhere which I'll go. And the parking there is erratic as well. a pass for me.

  13. Eiling: ya, parking at heritage row is an even bigger nightmare nowadays cos they recently closed the biggest parking lot here!