Friday, June 4, 2010

Il Lido Kuala Lumpur

Click here for earlier entry on Il Lido (June 2).

Ricotta with sea urchin sauce & poppy seeds. An amuse bouche that we'd happily eat as a main course; rich but not overpoweringly so.

Crab meat with avocado & bisque jelly. Baby food, comfort food.

Tagliolini with lobster & spicy Calabrese salami. The best of seafood and pork combine forces, packing an intense wallop of flavor on one plate.

Foie gras with saba wine must reduction & sweet potato galette. Adding a citrus element might help slice through the sheer fattiness of this. But lovers of goose liver will still revel in cholesterol-fueled intoxication.

Linguine with blue fin tuna, cured tuna roe & lemon zest. Brimming with meaty fish chunks; recommended for everyone who's tired of all the spaghetti aglio olio served elsewhere.

Pumpkin tortelli with amaretti crumbs. Many outlets offer pumpkin ravioli, but none does it this well. Breathtakingly soft pumpkin mousse stuffed to bursting within thin tortelli skin, mingling marvelously with the scent of sage and aged balsamic vinegar.

Tiramisu. Seemed like a non-alcoholic version, strangely.


Prosecco. Feeling bubbly. Oh, yeah.

Il Lido,
Jalan Mayang, Off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 2161-2291


  1. Pumpkin tortelli and amaretti crumbs...pumpkin and almonds, 2 fave ingredients in one dish. YUM. not too sure about the aged balsamic vinegar tho'. And the cappucino, made from illy coffee beans?

    Prefer the tiramisu in Alexis/SuChan...nutty, and tinged with a slight drop of booze. ;)

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  3. This is powerful stuff. I like the huge grin on the guy's face in the first pic too! Nothing screams WELCOME more!

  4. Somehow i guessed u were gonna do nathalie, il lido, nathalie, il lido and i was right!

    Have not been here yet but already fell in love with the visuals. I wish u try more desserts though~

  5. Next visit I'm gonna try the pumpkin tortelli. Looks ambrosial. Looking forward to Part 3. :-)

  6. I saw something I like. Foie gras. Yums, I don't want to think about the cruelty or fat. It's happier this way. hehe

  7. elrond: yep, i love the contrast of tastes and textures _ one soft, the other crunchy, one sweet, the other nutty. perfect comfort food :D but i dunno about the cappuccino, since i'm much of a coffee fan (i only drink ice-blendeds, occasionally). thanks for reminding me about alexis' tiramisu! it's definitely in my top 10 tiramisus for kl :D
    benwcadman: i do appreciate that you feel passionate enough about this to leave a comment (and i guess i should thank you for removing it, since it was very strongly worded). i will bear this in mind.
    min: oh yeah, many of the staff members here seem genuinely friendly and pleased to be of service. it makes a real difference! :D
    augustdiners: yikes, i'm too predictable, heh! no worries, there'll be more il lido to come, with desserts on the agenda! but their forte really is their pastas, since the desserts seem to be satisfying but not outstanding.
    lemongrass: ahhh, am happy to hear that you and the follicly challenged eagle liked this place enough to already be craving a next visit! the pumpkin tortelli would be a choice you won't regret! :D
    eiling: it does go really well with so many different kinds of cuisine ... french, italian, spanish, japanese, even chinese! :D

  8. sounds like a must go.. mayang.. hmmm... so far .. so far awayyyyyy..

  9. ciki: ya, at times like these, i'm thankful to be working in the city center! :D

  10. thought i left a comment today but perhaps i forgot to post it. darn the insensitive iphone! ohhh, i think i said that the sea urchin sauce sounds interesting. imagine replacing the ricotta with a piece of foie gras. ;D and that last shot is smashing cool. ;D

  11. Hairy: foie with sea urchin sauce ... that sounds like a great idea! though i guess it'd be too pricey to serve as a complimentary amuse bouche, but i'd gladly pay for it! hopefully some chef in kl is reading this and gets inspired, heh! :D

  12. I dunno how to even begin, so maybe I shall end by saying it all looks amazing. Looks as though I could order anything off the menu and it'd be divine! :)

  13. Lfb: yeah, it's one of those rare restaurants where the menu spans dozens of items but everything seems to be worth ordering! hope u're enjoying good food during your current travels too!

  14. the sweet potato galette looks more like rosti ;)

    Oh my..i'm heading there soon! Already got a dining partner booked! ;p

  15. tng: oh yeah, i think galettes are pretty similar to rosti, but the method of preparation is somehow different. must find a chef to explain :D okie, hope u'll be happy with everything that u order!