Friday, July 2, 2010

Laundry @ The Curve

Click here for previous entry on Laundry (April 9, 2009).

Lynchburg Lemonade (bourbon, triple sec, lemon soda) & Fabulously Fruity (raspberry vodka, maraschino cherry liquor, strawberry liquor, cream).

Grape Delight (fresh grapes, raspberry vodka, creme de cassis, red wine, soda) & Red Muse (clandestine absinthe, monin pomegranate, lime juice, soda).

Laundry Bar,
The Curve.
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  1. You know the grape delight looks like the grape shake from Italinnies without the vodka!

  2. Eiling: ooh, I haven't tried that before, but if there's no booze in it, I probably wouldn't order it, heheh

  3. Len: no cover charge :D